Week in Review 13/4/14

I’ve had a crazy week. One of those life altering weeks when one conversation leads to another, & the choices we make send us down roads we hadn’t imagined we would ever be traveling.  My mind whirls with possibilities so I can’t sleep at night.  I should probably take up some form of art to express the thoughts and feelings I can’t put into words.  Or won’t.

Our children are always creating.  They have grown up with materials at hand so they can express themselves or their ideas through paint, or coloring, or cutting/pasting/taping.  This week the modelling clay has been leaving its mark everywhere, and Anders spent hours upon hours creating his military men behind walls ready to blow up the opponents.  I wonder what’s going on in his head?

As travellers I always enjoy reading posts about the expenses of living or visiting other locations.  I was reminded of a YouTube video I saw ages ago, about the cost of living in Mexico, particularly in San Miguel de Allende, so if you’re curious why so many gringos come to Mexico check that post out.

I took the kids on a field trip this week to an International Baccalaureate school.  (There are 1,438 IB schools in the USA, 330 in Canada, and now 95 here in Mexico & I was surprised to discover there’s 61 in little Ecuador!).  We were taken on a tour not only of the school, but to see the Aquaponics system they have as part of the school.

Sailing Airship

Sailing Airship by Maret Johnson painted in coffee

One just never knows where you’ll end up, nor how you’re going to get there.  The lesson is to Enjoy the Journey.


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