Mitchell is our first born son, now turned 16yo with his learner’s driving license. He spent the winter 2014/15 away from home, some of it in Portland at Rauchelle’s place when she was expecting her 2nd born, then spent time back at the Hamilton Hobby Farm on Vancouver Island, then more time at his sisters interspersed with work time with his dad.  Finally in February 2015 he joined us back in Mexico….since we had decided to stay up in the mountains where it is much cooler and more to his liking (but missing the ocean).

Mitchell has always had a very prominent right-brain creative side to him where he needs to keep his hands busy.  He’s now been helping out immensely at the hotel we’re staying at, transplanting palm trees, taking care of the pool, organizing water usage (its a bit complicated), doing whatever needs doing.  He seems happy always to help out.

We’ve been traveling a lot since Mitchell was 9 years old, the first time we left BC for Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  This is Mitchell in a nutshell over the years….

10 Years Old: Busy with K’Nex, whittling, drawing blueprints and bringing them to fruition.


Boat Building

11 Years Old: Began second year in Cape Breton.  Building more boats.

Opinion about His Mom

12 Years Old: Headed back across Canada (E to W) for the 2nd time.  Such a pleasant and helpful young man.

MW w frog

Handsome Prince & Frog

13 Years Old: He works late nights with his Dad for DrySteam Team, and spends days in the garage where he’s set up a table for his many crafts.  He has begun to get the upper hand over dyslexia and Irlen’s Syndrome, and building personal confidence at the same time as his world opens up due to his new ability to read.

Wood Burning

Handy Man & Beginning Business Man

Bows N Arrows


14 Years Old:

The Jolly Mitchell

?’s Before Heading to Mexico

Mtn Top Camping

Rattle Snake Adventures  Part one, two, three, four, Final Product


15 Years Old:  He is our Right-hand Man, to both Everette and I.  He is reliable, has a cheerful disposition and a willingness to learn.  He absolutely LOVED the Baja, loves the simplistic lifestyle of camping but doesn’t like the un/packing of camp as its a lot of work.  I don’t blame him!

Boat Building Girlfriend

Kino Bay

Christmas 2013

16 Years Old:  We spent summer 2014 back in BC, Canada where the kids volunteered the summer away at a Hobby Farm.  Mitchell realized he LOVED farm life, learning to operate different machinery, learn some mechanics/sandblasting/welding, animal husbandry, and all the little/big things that make a farm run.  Fixing fences, stacking hay, etc.  He donned a cowboy hat and fell in love with the whole role.



When about 16.5yo I posed a few questions and here’s his response:

The years you’ve traveled with your family (both across Canada/USA and down to Mexico), what have been your most memorable things about it?
 For most places I think it was the people. I liked it when we went to the family farm (Saskatchewan) both times. I loved it in Nova Scotia when we would have people over, and loved it at Playa Escondida (Baja first winter) with the people that always seemed to be coming and going, and of course the boats!
What did you like the least about it, or what were your personal challenges?
I loved sleeping outside and being outside most of the time, but of course not all the time, when a bath or even a shower  would be nice, and the power to create a  smoothie.
Do you think it was beneficial/educational for you to leave the comforts of Canada and do some exploring, or do you wish your parents had stayed put and not taken you traveling?
I think as a whole that travelling has been a good experience, but I also feel that within the last few years it has been a disadvantage in some ways, not really feeling and knowing the town or the community.
PS  He’ll be turning 17 soon (July 2015) and he seems happy that we are ‘settled’ here at Hotel Perico with a community.  We first came here in Jan 2014 and stayed about 3 months, then returned in Nov though Mitch (& Maret) didn’t arrive until Feb 2015.  Mitchell continues to go back to Canada frequently to help his dad out in his business there…he’s an incredible worker, really.  Mitch is also busy helping around the hotel and working with people he’s really getting to know.  He has plenty of opportunity to meet transient people that are often wonderful story-tellers.  So it looks like he’s getting a great variety of all the things he likes (minus the horses and the beach) and seems pretty darn happy with his life.

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