Pirate Murder Mystery: The Birthday Boy Must Have Done It!

Birthday Boy

An advantage (among many) of having a big family is you have an instant party, an instant baseball team, an instant cast for a theatrical.  Its all dependent on the willingness of participation.

Our Bonnie Lad turned 17 and became a suspect in our family’s first ever Murder Mystery Party. It was a ton of fun had by all, both those involved and the spectators–some of us started as spectators but then got cast into roles on the spot.  Best to Roll with the Punches!Mitchell-17


Birthday Tradition

Usually for our family members’ birthdays they get to choose what the main meal is for the day, and what type of dessert they want.  Sometimes they pick an activity, like going to the Guadalajara Zoo.

Mitchell rolled it all into one, wanting Make-Your-Own-Parfaits….meal and dessert all in one dish.  So that’s what we planned, and made Tapioca Pudding since his birthday happened to also be the National Tapioca Pudding Day.

The Murder Mystery


The kids worked for days on creating costumes.  Toveli worked tirelessly on a gown for Gaelyn…the base of which was a down quilt with strips of fabric stitched onto it.  Such creative minds.

Somebody ‘gave’ Anders a black eye but when Danaka added some purple eyeshadow it was a great improvement.  She’s thankful Tina has taken her to hang out at Live Theatre with her sometimes, picking up little tips here and there.  Coming in handy.

The Spectators

It’s always nice to have somebody available to watch us makes fools of ourselves!  So we had a willing audience….and even several last minute actors.  Like Bob, who willingly became Captain Hook the Third.

The Plot

Captain Jack Parrot went missing over night and was discovered chained and drowned beneath the boat, a big smile on his face.  Who done it?

The Setting

Amongst creepy crawlies and half-drunk bottles.  We’re introduced to the characters and realize everybody had a reason to wish Captain Jack Parrot dead.


 The Characters

Blackbeard was an irritating character who habitually tapped his foot to some unheard music.  He and Jack Parrot were rivals, after the same treasure.  Parrot had taken possession of the treasure and hidden it, infuriating Blackbeard.

Captain William Kidd (who needed a translator, Aunt Jo, to tell his story) was the son of Jack Parrot.  We aren’t sure what his issue was against Jack, but probably some family dysfunction going on there.

Nell, as the wife of Jack Parrot, was the beneficiary of his Last Will and Testament, so she had lots to gain by his death.  Besides the fact that she had a rival in the love-department.

Ben Gone was the only one alive now who knew where the treasure was hidden.  He obviously could claim the whole treasure for himself now.

Captain Hook lost both his hand and some money because of Jack Parrot.  Revenge ran deep with him.

I was Kim Hawkins, a young girl disguised and working as a cabin boy.  Jack knew of my identity and threatened to expose me, but I both needed and wanted this way of life.  Under no circumstances could I let him betray me.  (I was the one with the camera, so no picts of me.)

Elizabeth Goose had fallen off a gang-plank and was saved from drowning by Jack Parrot.  Her admiration for him turned to love, and when he was imprisoned, she visited him and swapped clothes so he could escape (as a lady).  Still married to Nell Bird, Jack didn’t commit to Elizabeth as she had desired and she felt betrayed.

Girl Friday (aka Antonia Da Ville) had been abandoned on an island for 5 years by Jack Parrot.  Obviously she had reason to want that man dead.

Ann Bonny had just recently discovered who her father was, and she was furious of Jack impregnating her mother and abandoning them.



And the verdict is…..well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out!


Should the guilty one have to walk the plank?  Or are we thankful for the  contribution of bettering our lives?



**The whole idea behind doing a Murder Mystery is Thanks to the lovely Teresa Leonard who initiated this whole thing.  I have yet to introduce you to “Tree”.  I’ll have to do a post featuring her before she leaves the end of this month.

Face Painting and the Sillies of Portland

On their way back to British Columbia to work (so we can continue to live an adventurous life!!) Everette and Mitchell often stop in Portland to see our 2nd eldest daughter Rauchelle and her family….including our 2 little granddaughters (and their daddy, Seth).

Why he does this...nobody knows.

Why he does this…nobody knows.

Sometimes Everette & Mitch fly in late at night and have to head north early in the morning to catch the Black Ball that only sails twice a day between Port Angeles, WA and Victoria, BC.  So sometimes they don’t even get a chance to see any of the girls.

This time they struck it rich….precious times together, hanging out and swinging…

Collage Blue Star Donuts + CoffeeRauchelle, always the artistic one, has gotten serious about face painting, and has been doing her art at the Portland Market on weekends.  She had amples of practice on Mitch, herself, and her darling Marin.

Little Bat Girl, Marin

Little Bat Girl, Marin

Something a Little Fishy

Something a Little Celtic

Rauchelle did her own face.  Good job.

Rauchelle did her own face. Good job.

A break at the food court that Marin enjoys eating at.

A break at the food court that Marin enjoys eating at. Opportunity to sport her art.

But Grampa didn't!!

But Grampa didn’t!!

Another day, ‘nother type of animal….

Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat

Happy Mitch-enstein

Happy Mitch-enstein

Collage Rauchelle narwahl facepainting

There’s a big city park nearby where Rauchelle lives, and she set up ‘shop’ to do a little practicing.  Photos ended because Grampa and Mitchell played with the girls at the playground while Mama worked.

Collage Rauchelle face painting Laurelhurst

Los Telares…a Garden Restaurant

Collage entree

Looking scrumptious?  You betcha.  We came to listen to our friends Noe and Jimmy along with Paco.  These 3 provide live music weekly here at Los Telares where we sit in a garden and eat scrumptious foods to a variety of music genres.  Umbrellas are moved aside and dancing begins, where waiters/waitresses skirt between dancing couples…with no spills (this night at least)!

Collage dessert La Torres

Everette and I both grew up in homes where dancing was frowned upon….no, it was considered evil.  Those environments were full of sin and sinners.  I wasn’t even allowed to go to Sock-Hops in Elementary school!  But secretly I have always been mesmerized by dancers, feeding that carnal part of me (tongue in cheek).  Such grace and energy.  I LOVE IT!!

Before Everette and I hit the road again in 2012 I convinced him to take community ballroom dancing lessons.  With four left feet we blundered around the room, him somewhat hesitant and me pushing to lead.  His rhythm far supersedes mine so he could get into the beat with ease if I would just follow his lead.  We did okay…much better with my eyes closed, leaning into the trusting!

This night at Los Telares we were too timid to get up and stumble out a dance.  We waited until other diners had left and the band was playing their last set.  I boldly got myself out of my seat and asked my hubby to take the floor with me.  He accepted.  We snuggled and swayed…and how wrong could we get?  Not much.  The music was slow, the onlookers few. We broke the ice and publicly danced.

Another time?  Why the hell not!



Auditioning & Trios

Singing.  Its the one thing Gaelyn wants to do this year, besides get over stage fright which is intimately connected to singing (for anybody other than herself!)

Gaelyn & Dee had attended a local choir’s finale this spring and the two of them made a point of meeting Tim, the choir director.  An audition was booked and somehow 3 people went for auditions at Tim’s house the following week, and 4 new choir members for autumn exited his house.  I had gone as moral support for our daughter and this happened:

Gaelyn was able to take some singing lessons from Dee before her and Gerry headed back up to the Great White North.  Toveli and E joined in the lessons (total of about 4 or 5).  But in that short amount of time Dee helped the girls gain confidence, control breathing, locate and use their diaphragm, achieve better tone and volume.

And at a Send Off for Dee and Gerry the girls sang 3 songs for the Desserts with Live Entertainment.

Guadalajara: Second Half

As I mentioned earlier, we took a day-trip into Guadalajara with our friends, Dee and Gerry.

More wandering the streets, cathedrals and squares after lunch.  I can’t keep them straight, so I don’t even remember what this cathedral was called.  But we enjoyed the architecture inside and out.  We scouted around, and when Everette went looking to find stairs to what might (not) be an operating balustrade he discovered instead some burial memorabilia underneath the main platform.

Collage church2

Collage burial


Beatriz Hernandez is commemorated here as the person who chose the location for the city’s founding.  The bronze sculptures are done by Rafael Zamarripa.

Collage Statue

The statue on the bottom right (above) is a 4m bronze of Miguel Hidalgo, who on Dec 6, 1810 decreed the abolition of slavery.  He’s holding a broken chain to represent that victory.

It’s amazing to see all the fancy dress stores.  Low-priced flounces galore, Everette thinks we could just use a bunch of green poofy dresses to make a ‘garden’ look green and not worry about watering!  Or possibly use them as shade from the sun?!!

Collage Fashion

We were looking for a place for some cold drinks as we headed in the direction of the bus station but never did find something to satisfy the four of us, so we hopped on the 5pm express bus to Chapala ($50MX/person) where we decided to eek out more parent-time-away to check out a restaurant we’ve been eyeing since our daughter Layne was visiting us.

We climbed the four levels from the street up ‘n out of the way onto the top patio where we sat under huge palm trees beside the water fountain.  We ordered our cold drinks, the others ordered meals;  I just wanted to quench my thirst, so when Everette didn’t like the Vampirito he ordered I volunteered to finish it along with my Pina Colada so he could get a cerveza.  I could have drank 2 more I was so thirsty, but might have struggled a little with the stairs back down to street level.

It was quite perfect just the way it was.Collage dinner drinks

Our day with Dee and Gerry was an absolute delight.  Memories to treasure.

Too many pictures to share even in these two posts.  Gotta hit Guad again!!