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Our family has had an interest in local food supply for a long time, and before we hit the road for our most recent journey we attempted our own garden in our backyard utilizing discarded wooden pallets from coffee shops and lumberyards.  Mitchell had a hoot ripping, cutting, hammering so we had several raised beds in hopes of growing greens.  We managed to make some salads from our garden, and lovely iced teas with lemon verbena while we visited with friends and family on the patio.

But it seemed evident that neither Everette nor I were born with green thumbs.

But green thumbs aren’t necessarily required when it comes to solving the food crisis and the issues of starvation around the world.

I’m thrilled to direct you to Urban Farms Co, an innovative company “bringing affordable aquaponics systems to the marketplace….offer(ing) financing options for small to large scale systems.”

Today they shared the Why behind Urban Farms Co.  Check it out on their Facebook Page.  CEO/Founder/President Cliff Ford shares why it is he has built Urban Farms Co in the past 3 years, what’s the passion behind his involvement in the food industry. We can each be a part of the solution for growing global foods locally.

Whether its utilizing vertical space (growing outside OR inside your home) or just horizontally.  There are tons of innovative ideas to get you started, in containers, in water, on small patios or rooftops.  Let your imagination  soar and start producing food for your own family and your community.

Living Walls: Not for food but still good for the environment, the Semiahmoo Public Library boasts North America’s largest living wall with it s environmental benefits of energy saving features, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing “a balanced ecosystem that is an urban oasis for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The living wall helps to insulate the building, purify the air and transforms the grey concrete into hundreds of shades of green” declared Patrick Poiraud, Principal at Green over Grey – Living Walls and Design. (Note: this is in my teen-hood hometown where I graduated high school, got married, and birthed our first 2 girls.)Semiahmoo Public Library But not all living walls are just environmental or cosmetic.  Check out this commercial building in Tokyo by Pasona Urban Farm where the plants “includes fruits, vegetables and rice that are harvested, prepared and served at the cafeterias within the building.” “…Tomato vines are suspended above conference tables, lemon and passion fruit trees are used as partitions for meeting spaces, salad leaves are grown inside seminar rooms and bean sprouts are grown under benches,” explains the designer. “The main lobby also features a rice paddy and a broccoli field.”

And then there’s even aeroponics!  No soil, no water.  Misting!!

OMG, can you imagine if this were to become prevalent through the world?  Living food growing within feet of where we work, play and live?  Imagine less trucks clogging highways, transporting underripe produce picked before its prime. I’m really liking this.

A big problem with a lot of these growing systems is the expensive components to create the structure.  That’s a huge part of what Cliff Ford and his team tackled when coming up with their business plan and the duplicatable aspect of their farm proposal.  If you are seriously interested in partnering with an innovative company who has an affordable aquaponics systems (1/4 the price of their nearest competitor) get in touch with Urban Farms Co.  Tell them Everette and Karen from Acrobatic Thoughts sent you.

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