Gaelyn is the youngest of our half-dozen daughters.  She hit the double digits while in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  Growing into a delightful young woman.


Gaelyn on Cape Breton, NS, Canada 2007

Answered Mom’s Questionnaire Oct 2013 (age 9)

Before you left Vancouver Island (2012)  were you looking forward to traveling?

I was because it was a chance to learn new things, meet new people and see wonderful things.

What were your concerns about traveling for a long time?  Did you have fears?

Yes, I was afraid of running out of money for food, etc.

What have been your favourite things about traveling?

I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing new things, like tarantulas, rattlesnakes,  the coral reef with the eels and colourful fish, particularly the parrot fish.

What’s your favourite or funniest thing you’ve done so far as an individual or as a family?

Layne (our big sister) taught us to play mafia.  I enjoy when we all tell jokes, especially Dad, and I like charades!  Plus snorkeling, and countless others, too.

@ Los Frailes, Baja California Sur, Mexico

@ Los Frailes, Baja California Sur, Mexico winter 2012/13

What do you miss the most about living in a house, or British Columbia, or Canada?

I miss living in a house because you’re warm at night and you can cook more things and keep more food in the fridge.  I miss the smell of pine trees.

What are you looking forward to the most about your future travels?

I want to go to Argentina because it would be cool to be at the end of South America.

Gaelyn finds this very challenging.  Just getting her feet on the holds one row from the ground is thrilling for her.

Gaelyn finds this very challenging. Just getting her feet on the holds one row from the ground is thrilling for her.  Gaelyn is afraid of heights. Cortez, CO summer 2014

If you could go anywhere in the world or do anything, where/what would it be?

I would go to Australia to see kangaroos and koalas.

What do you think has been the biggest change in you personally?  Is it a skill, a character trait, or something else?

A skill that has come to me since traveling is drawing.  I am way better then when I was in Canada, maybe because I have more time.

Gaelyn at hot springs near Holtville, CA

Gaelyn at hot springs near Holtville, CA May 2013.


Gaelyn's 10th Birthday Feb 2014 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Gaelyn’s 10th Birthday
Feb 2014 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Paco with Gaelyn, volunteering to walk dogs March 2014 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Paco with Gaelyn volunteering to walk dogs March 2014 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico



2015-02-28 13.21.09

Holding a snake Feb 2015











We’ve been back in Mexico since mid-Nov 2014

Questioned by Mom 🙂 May 31, 2015

Are you glad to be back in Mexico?

Yes, it feels good to be here.  I like the people here, and the scenery, particularly the palm trees and all the greenery.

What’s been your favourite thing you’ve done or has happened since you left Canada last autumn?

My favourite was the Chili Cook-off.  I liked holding the corn snake and trying the different types of chili.

Have you learned something in the last 6 months, since we left the Hobby Farm?

Danny was telling me that there’s a disease that mice/rats can get from getting close to cat poop, which messes with their brains so then they aren’t afraid of cats…which makes them easier to catch.  Danny said that if humans get it you can get sick, but I’m not sure how it messes with our brains.  So be sure to wash your hands after picking up poop!

Have you met anybody new here at the hotel that you’ve found interesting?

Susie (my Mexican friend), Tina (works here at reception, and took us to Tobolandia and the Chili Cook-off), Danny (who recently adopted the pup India that I puppy sit for), Terry & Barb with their dog Casey (they’ll be back from TX in the fall and have a house they’ve been renovating in Riberas).

Are you reading any books right now?  And if so, what are they?

I just recently finished reading “The Kings of Clonmel” by John Flanagan.  I’m currently reading “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” by Gregory Maguire, and also “Halt’s Peril” also by John Flanagan.

Do you read mostly real books or e-books?

Mostly reading e-books, though recently I read “Mocking Jay” which is a real book we own.

You said earlier that you think your drawing has been improving because you have more time to do it.  Have you continued drawing, and how is it going?

Actually I haven’t been drawing lately because I haven’t really felt like drawing.  I’m really into reading and cross-stitching right now.  The cross-stitch pattern is called Bear Collector, a collection of Teddy Bears.

Is there anything you really miss about Canada?

Honestly, I miss the snow!!

Collage Limeade

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