Trip to Morelia, Michoacan Area

You’ll hear lots about the state of Michoacan in the news undoubtedly.  People think the whole state is up in arms, vigilante style.

So it would seem absurd for us to travel into the state, and I suppose miraculous that we (10 of us) lived thru the whole experience.

Actually, it was a beautiful trip with such lovely people.  No sight of violence or unrest, the people busy about their daily lives, children playing in the plaza and streets, everybody laughing (more than in Canada, that’s for sure), people squeezing their lover.

Here’s a map of our travels in the state.

Map around Morelia

Map around Morelia

We approached from the west, and we went as far east as the picture squeezes in, which is the location of the Sierra Chincua Sanctuary for the Monarch Butterflies that migrate here from Canada and the US to spend the winter.

4 thoughts on “Trip to Morelia, Michoacan Area

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