Camping Privacy (or Not)

We aren’t RVers packed closely into an RV park.  What we are is a whole lot of people packed into each others life and space.

Let’s face it.  With a large family it can be difficult at times to get privacy even to get dressed, let alone maintain personal bubble-space.  A large family traveling has made it even more difficult, in a sense, to find privacy.

Our rooftop camping tents are our bedrooms, shared yes, but not always in use during the day so that can be a place to hide out and get some quiet time.

Going for a walk or sitting on a big rock somewhere overlooking the ocean can be a great private place.  Danaka often escapes for the beach in the evening while the younger siblings are bedding down.  Mitchell escapes to his tent to think or read.  Paddling kayaks can be very therapeutic, as can stealing a moment or two swimming alone.

Danaka writing at Lake Havasu

Danaka writing at Lake Havasu.  Alone with her thoughts.

Sometimes a child will hide in the back bench of the van to read or write without interruption.  They might climb a tree and go unnoticed for quite awhile, giving them some space alone.

There are endless ways to get ones privacy if you are creative enough.  It really isn’t a problem.

The problem is respecting and honouring the person who is seeking some privacy.

Everette in the fishing kayak

Everette in the fishing kayak getting alone time on the river.

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