Affording This Lifestyle

Like most people, you’re probably curious as to how our large family can afford to travel when so many others are struggling to make ends meet in North America.  Are we independently wealthy?

Would you believe that we won the lottery?

Hubby & I

Hubby & I

Me neither.

There’s a few reasons why we can live this lifestyle of being on the road, traveling with 7 kids in tow.


Most of you know how expensive it is living a moderate lifestyle in Canada or the USA.  Just the ‘basic overhead’ for our large family was very expensive.  We had just an average 3 bedroom house (11 of us lived in it, yup!) with the usual utilities of water, electricity, internet (no tv), cell phones (2).  Food was our largest bill.  Clothes were usually from thrift stores.  BC Medical was subsidized because of the ratio of income:#dependents.  Life insurance.  We had one vehicle. No vacations.  No sports or lessons for the kids unless school paid for them.

It was getting very difficult for us to make ends meet living in Canada.  So we knew we had to do something different.  The cost of living elsewhere (ie developing or third-world countries) is w-a-y cheaper than Canada and the USA but one still requires money to live off of even in another country.

Mexican money.  Pesos, a bit reminiscent of Canadian 'play money'.  Each bill is not only a different colour, but they are different in length!

Mexican money. Pesos, a bit reminiscent of Canadian ‘play money’. Each bill is not only a different colour, but they are different in length!

We are always brainstorming to develop means of income. We are not free-loafing nor begging. We are earning our keep. But because this traveling lifestyle is actually cheaper overall, our income requirements are much less than what is needed just to scrape by in North America.

Sources of income for us:

1)  Everette spent 2 years developing a business on Vancouver Island and he still operates that.  We’ve made a few attempts over the past year+ at having somebody else do sales and another fellow do the actual work, but that hasn’t worked out so well.,,, the ball got dropped.  So Everette (and usually Mitchell) have to fly back to BC to do the work themselves–both sales and labour.  Although this requires extra costs of them being in BC, it’s necessary at this point for the needed money to pay for expenses down here.

2) We receive because we give.  We like sending Sunshine into peoples’ mailboxes.  Check out our Nomadic Cards FB and website.  And if you want to try the service out check directly with us.  Sometimes we have free packages to give away.

3) The smartest thing we’ve done to help us achieve the Laptop Lifestyle is to join The Six Figure Mentors.  Every step of the way there is guidance to develop our own Entrepreneurial Business…and change our lives.

Live webinars that keep us up-to-date with new developments online;

a community for camaraderie and asking questions;

one-on-one consultations with already-successful 6-figure earners

access to Mastermind groups;

so much more!!



morning glow in camp

morning glow in camp

Not Vacationing:

I think that many people perceive that when we are traveling it is similar to what they would expect when they vacation.  But that isn’t what we are doing at all.  We aren’t staying at any fancy resort, nor regularly at a mom ‘n pop hotel.  Most of the time we are boondocking (ie free camping) on a beach somewhere, away from conveniences and temptations for expenditures.  There is beauty in the simplicities of life.  When you strip away all the niceties sometimes, you stop and appreciate the constellations, you notice the changes in weather, you are more aware of your neighbours.  This isn’t a poorer way to live….in many ways this is exactly why our life feels ENRICHED!

Lower Expectations:

We’ve lowered our expectations.

We’ve traded a house with beds, indoor plumbing, electricity and familiar neighbours for tents, outhouses or a dug hole, solar lights & converters, and a revolving door of neighbours.  Thus, our overhead just for basic survival has been greatly reduced.  Groceries (unless imported) are a fraction of what it cost us in Canada, and you can imagine with a large family that is still our largest expense.

A Fraction of the Cost:

Although our monthly expenses vary greatly depending on whether we are parked long-term on a beach for free or are traveling from place to place and staying at occasional RV parks, overall we are living on one-third to half of what our expenses were in Canada.  Talking with other traveling friends, our reduction in living expenses may be greater for us than others because of a few factors.  Those coming from Florida don’t see a big difference in prices of produce, but for us coming from Canada where most of the produce is imported from very far we see this greatly influencing our grocery bill (and providing much fresher produce to boot).  And for our larger family, food has always been our biggest expense category.  Cutting that, and almost eliminating housing expenses (our 2nd biggest category) may be why our family’s expenses have dropped so much.

Its true that living and/or traveling in Mexico isn’t as cheap as it used to be, though.  Even here food prices are rising along with gas.

Quality of Life:

And more importantly, we are enjoying our new lifestyle more than we did living in a house.

Danaka, Toveli & Maret

Danaka, Toveli & Maret

7 thoughts on “Affording This Lifestyle

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  6. Wow, this is an awesome way of living! I am sure you have your down and out days but to be able to do this full time and with such fun always at your finger tips, I am a little jealous. May the Lord bless you all as you travel and boon dock and experience life in Mexico. I will add you to my prayer list, alright.

  7. I am so glad you and Evertte have lived an adventure. Keeping it going as you all enter into the next stage of life is the next challenge in your adventure. Bless you all. John & Angela

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