Shave Up

Everette isn’t growing a bushy beard while we travel…..a beard drives him crazy with itchiness.  And heat in the tropics.  He does his shaving every couple of days usually as it’s a bit of an ordeal….not just a twist of the hot tap or in the steamy shower.  And he needs to trim the top of his moustache so his snorkel mask fits well.DSCN0835

Usually he uses water heated up by the solar shower bag but if we are On The Road we don’t have that heating up for the day so then it requires heating up water on the camp stove in his charred old coffee tin.DSCN0836

He pulls up the step-ladder beside the van’s side-mirror, gets his foaming brush, liquid soap & razor ready along with a towel.  And the procedure begins.DSCN0837

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