2014 South to Mexico Once Again

2014 South to Mexico AgainYou might think we like it here!!

We certainly do.  I even asked Anders what was the one thing he really wanted to do this time coming to Mexico.  I thought the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon would still be wayyyy high on his list.  His number one thing he wanted to do???   Come see Tom again at Hotel Perico!

So here’s the route we took.

2014 South to Mexico

This trip was different from the others, though.  The whole family (minus Layne) drove to Rauchelle’s in Portland, arriving just in time for Seth’s 40th Birthday.  About 10 days later Everette headed out as Rauchelle entered the final stretch of her 2nd pregnancy.  Maret stayed for the winter to be an au pair, and Mitchell and I stayed until after the birth of Elita. Then Mitch and I returned to BC (me for a conference, Mitchell to avoid the assumed heat of Mexico.  He anticipated staying/working in BC but over time that plan changed).

The map shows Everette/kid’s trip.  I joined them in Phoenix and we drove together to Chapala, MX.


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