Changes Autumn 2014

Every year, every adventure requires adjustments. Reggie adjusts as our needs do.

We’ve ‘lost’ 2 passengers this autumn as our kids mature and explore their own lives at a pace that suits them and serves the world around them. Mitchell is back in BC looking for work while helping out at Hamilton Farms where the family spent the summer volunteering. Maret is au pair for her big sister Rauchelle and her family….the ones with our beautiful newborn granddaughter!

Girlfriend was left in Chapala when we returned to Canada in the spring, and now we’ve left the surfboards and kayak in Portland. We anticipate exploring the mountain regions of Mexico this year instead of the coast.

new box opening

Rooftop boxes were repainted in August, and Everette added another side access door on the driver’s side so we can store our camp chairs up top where they are out of the way but easily accessible. It’s a great new development.

And before leaving our friends in Cortez, Colorado Everette bought a bike rack for the four bicycles we were gifted.

Everette has mounted a thermometer under the back roof box for when he wants to give a number to his hotness!! And a compass to help us know in which direction we’ve gotten ourselves lost!

Our 15 passenger van has been traveling minus the back bench since 2012 leaving us with 11 seats for 9 of us and our luggage. Now (2014, fall) there are only 7 of us so we have more travel space. Something worth celebrating (though we miss those other personalities)

Collage van

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