MARET: has made some pretty big transitions physically, mentally and emotionally since we first set out on our travels to Mexico.  She became a teen the first winter on the Baja, and she spent her 15th birthday at Rauchelle’s house where she had been au pair for a total of 4 months.  She far exceeded any of our expectations; she is one hard working, conscientious young woman!!  She is creative beyond reasonable, adores dogs and freaks out with bugs of all sorts and sizes.  And she’s now given up on the long hair.

BEFORE the Journey to Mexico Began:

Maret with a ferret at the pet store she frequented Spring/Summer 2012

Maret with a ferret at the pet store she frequented Spring/Summer 2012

painting tile trivet Jan 2012

painting tile trivet Jan 2012 Vancouver Island, BC

Maret answered these questions April 2013 (age 13)    (We were already ‘on the road’ since Oct 28th, 2012)

winter 2011/12

winter 2011/12

Maret @ Whiffen Spit, Sooke BC 2012

Maret @ Whiffen Spit, Sooke BC 2012

Were you looking forward to going or not?  Why or why not?

I don’t know.  I was kind of in between.  I wanted to go because it was a new place to learn about, a new lifestyle.

I didn’t want to go because I was doing dance (hip-hop) and was about to start drama class.  It was nice to be close to town and I was just starting to feel a part of the community (we were in the town only 2 years)

What did you fear the most before starting?

Getting carsick.

What were you most excited about?

Having sunshine and being warm in the winter.

ON the Journey:

What do you miss the most since traveling?

Dance class.

What has been your favourite memory since the family began traveling?

At Los Frailes with the dogs and learning to surf.surfers

What types of things have you learned since hitting the road?

I’ve learned to surf, make beer can hats, I’ve started new styles of art, how to set up the rooftop tents, how to gut fish (messily), underwater photography, the geography of Baja Mexico, that jellyfish stings really really hurt especially when they try to strangle you.

Have your fears materialized yet?

Yes, but not seriously.

Are you glad your family is doing this slow long-term travel?  Why or why not?

Yes, because it’s cheaper for my parents and I’m learning a lot of stuff.

No, because we’re always moving and it’s a lot of work when we have to pack up camp.

Maret grossed out, learning to clean fish

Maret grossed out, about to gut her first fish  San Felipe, BC Mexico December 2012

Maret in a (predominantly) beer hat she made.

Maret in a tin can hat she made, Los Frailes, BCS, Mexico Feb 2013

Maret with her dad

Maret with her dad Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico 2013


Aug 2013

Aug 2013  Colorado

Sept/Oct 2013 Cortez, CO

Sept/Oct 2013 Cortez, CO holding a tarantula…..very big deal for somebody scared of all kinds of insects (& spiders!) When I asked Maret how she managed to hold a tarantula she said, “I don’t know.  A sudden burst of courage!!”

March 2014 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

March 2014 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

Artist with a flare. Chapala MX March 2014

Artist with a flare. Chapala MX March 2014

May 2014 at her big sister Rauchelle's house in Portland, OR

May 2014 at her big sister Rauchelle’s house in Portland, OR

UPDATE July 2014

We are back in Canada…have been since May.  Further questions 🙂

Are you glad to be back in Canada?

Yup.  The summer is awesome.  It’s not as hot as Mexico, so sometimes I can wear a jacket and I like to wear jackets.

What have you been spending your time at this summer?

All I’ve been doing is digital art and working on the farm (that’s the Hamilton Hobby Farm in Coombs).

What’s your favourite part of the farm?

Seeing the little kids’ face as they ride the pony.  It’s the cutest thing ever.  Some of them are so scared to get on, but once they are their face lights up with excitement.

Are you interested in doing more travel?  Why or why not?

Not really, because at this point I’d like to stay in one place.  It would be nice to stay somewhere for years, but months at a time are fine.  Like maybe 6 months at a time in each place.  You can get involved in things and feel more a part of the community.

What have you learned in the last little while?

How to run a farm!!  I’ve been running the till when the farm is open, how to ride a horse, how to lunge a horse, how to drive the Rhino (quad), that I’m slowly getting better at digital art!

What has been your favourite activity from all the places you’ve gone?

Working with Katrina at the dog rescue in Chapala, Mexico.

Out of all of our travels so far where has your favourite place been?

Right here, now, on the farm.


Maret back in Canada, July 2014

Maret back in Canada, July 2014

Update: May 2015

So Maret spent Oct-Feb at Rauchelle’s place where she learned some cooking, did some cleaning, and majored on taking care of Marin (her 2yo niece) and relieving Rauchelle of Elita (newborn) at times.  She focused on sewing and school work, and built a close relationship with her big sister & her family.

Not that that will always work out for her, but seems she got things pretty much the way she likes it!  She was able to stay somewhere semi-longterm, managed to skip the process of traveling/tenting south to Mexico and was able to fly down where we were already settled long-term.  And now she has the love of her life…she came to us as a rescued Dixie, but became officially “Seriously Epic”.  We call her Epic.  Maret is her master.

Collage Dixie


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