Pet City Temporarily

A conversation that took place January 2012….the day  we (Everette & I)  found out that Rauchelle and Seth were expecting our first grandchild:

“Can we get a mouse?” inquires Toveli.

“No!” says Mom.

“Can we get a puppy?” asks Maret for the umpteenth time.

“No!” says Mom.

“Can we get a virus?” quizzes Layne.

“Go ahead!” replies Mom.

“Can we get a baby?” chimes in Gaelyn.

“I’m not having any more” I respond, but thought “You’ll be getting one pretty soon!”

Anyways, every month or so the kids joke about getting pets, even getting a virus.  They frequently ask about getting a puppy.  And now they’ve got themselves some temporary pets….some very unlikely ones, all free, and like I said, temporary.  When we pull out of here they are not coming with us.

HERMIT CRABS: Joe had a nice setup the kids admired and when Toveli asked me if she could get a hermit crab as a pet I figured “Why not!  But only until we leave and you have to ask Joe what it requires.” So the kids collected their hermit crabs mostly from our trip with Audrey and Ray to Mermaid Beach and a nice big one Everette found here at Los Frailes to start the collection.

LIZARD: so many lizards around here.  Beautiful blue-tailed ones with orange bellies.  White ones camouflaged in the sand, they remind me of skeletons.  Ones with bright blue splotches on their bellies “dead like opossums” on their backs.  Laars is the King of catching lizards although “Acorn” was caught by Maret and Gaelyn; joint effort.lizard

MICE: our compost has a great nocturnal population of mice that the children have started to catch, while Everette and I roll our eyes.  We’ve always spent energy to kill those things, now our children are feeding & watering them.  We’ve had “Neptune” and “Pluto” but they got away already, and we’ll see how long “Mercury” & “Saturn” last.  Oh, and we’ve discovered they are Kangaroo rats, not mice.  Nice!



DOGS:  The most desired of pets by our children.  Sadly, there are beach dogs everywhere.  Left or ignored by their owners.  “Latte” was from the Mexican fishing camp and her owner left for days on end, seldom giving notice to Latte once she befriended male “Cocoa”, the official beach dog; puppy, really.  They both found solace in Bernie living down on the beach who gave them fresh water and left over fish or tortillas, and they protected his camp from the rest of us.  But after 5 months Bernie has left and bequeathed them to us!  Until we leave…..and then what?

Cocoa & Latte

Cocoa & Latte

Maret is in her glory, trying to teach simple tricks to Cocoa.  Latte has already learned to sit and such, understanding in English.  Who knows what she can do with Spanish commands.

The process of lying down begins, slowly, so Maret might not notice!

The process of lying down begins, slowly, so Maret might not notice!

Almost there



Shelly checking out the crabs

UPDATE:  Today a Canadian couple (North Vancouver) came by looking for the 2 dogs they had heard about.  They took them in their vehicle to a vet in Los Barriles to be spade/neutered, given the once over and shipped to Canada to a new home.  Our children are both elated and saddened.  Faces are down-cast, hearts broken, and yet the older ones know that a loving home for the dogs is much better than them struggling to survive on the beach catching (unsuccessfully?) lizards.


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