Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Who would have thought that using cauliflower would make a wonderful pizza crust?


In my new journey of Gluten-Free I’ve needed to search high and low for satisfying recipes to please the Johnson crowd.  And today I found one.

I’m at home with the youngest 6 kids today, and so the girls helped me in the kitchen and this is what we got:

Crust Baked



The final product:



We didn’t have eggs, so I used ground flaxseeds.  I didn’t squeeze out the water from the cooked cauliflower because I figured that would be equal to the moisture of the eggs I wasn’t including.  (Usually, you add water to ground flaxseeds to replace an egg in baking)

I piled the mushrooms and fresh garlic in the middle, so the kids would eat around the outside of the pizza, and mom would get the centre.  But, it was so yummy everybody ate it all up in less than 5 minutes, ranting and raving of how awesome a pizza it was.

Ok, it wasn’t like eating a Slice of pizza.  We ate it with a fork on our plates.  But it sure was yummy.  And it certainly didn’t taste like cauliflower in there.  No kidding!!

And Maret was about to choose these pizzas for her upcoming Birthday meal, but since Seth can’t eat any dairy we’re back to having a fondue.


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