Face Painting and the Sillies of Portland

On their way back to British Columbia to work (so we can continue to live an adventurous life!!) Everette and Mitchell often stop in Portland to see our 2nd eldest daughter Rauchelle and her family….including our 2 little granddaughters (and their daddy, Seth).

Why he does this...nobody knows.

Why he does this…nobody knows.

Sometimes Everette & Mitch fly in late at night and have to head north early in the morning to catch the Black Ball that only sails twice a day between Port Angeles, WA and Victoria, BC.  So sometimes they don’t even get a chance to see any of the girls.

This time they struck it rich….precious times together, hanging out and swinging…

Collage Blue Star Donuts + CoffeeRauchelle, always the artistic one, has gotten serious about face painting, and has been doing her art at the Portland Market on weekends.  She had amples of practice on Mitch, herself, and her darling Marin.

Little Bat Girl, Marin

Little Bat Girl, Marin

Something a Little Fishy

Something a Little Celtic

Rauchelle did her own face.  Good job.

Rauchelle did her own face. Good job.

A break at the food court that Marin enjoys eating at.

A break at the food court that Marin enjoys eating at. Opportunity to sport her art.

But Grampa didn't!!

But Grampa didn’t!!

Another day, ‘nother type of animal….

Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat

Happy Mitch-enstein

Happy Mitch-enstein

Collage Rauchelle narwahl facepainting

There’s a big city park nearby where Rauchelle lives, and she set up ‘shop’ to do a little practicing.  Photos ended because Grampa and Mitchell played with the girls at the playground while Mama worked.

Collage Rauchelle face painting Laurelhurst

Home Tomorrow

Everette and Mitchell return to Canada several times a year to keep our specialty detail cleaning business alive and well, and taking care of our major  bills.

British Columbia doesn’t claim ‘Beautiful’ on our license plates for no reason!  Besides the beauty of the forests, Coastal Mountains and the Pacific coast, we have pretty cities, too.  The below pics are of Victoria’s harbour from where Everette and Mitchell embark on the Black Ball Ferry to traverse to Port Angeles, WA to take the leisurely drive down the Olympic Peninsula.

Collage Victoria harbour

In the bottom left photo (above)is the Parliament buildings with the copper (green) roofline.  In the bottom right photo you see the famous Empress Hotel which Everette treated me to a weekend there back in about 2003 when we attended a marriage conference.  Great memories.

Now Everette and Mitchell get the biggest treat of all….a visit at our daughter’s place in Portland, OR where they get to snuggle with our 2 granddaughters…and do yard and house work with those that they love!

Call me Jealous!!

Collage GardenBut at least the men arrive home tomorrow.  Just one more sleep, and I can live with that.  Just wish he could squeeze the 4 Burkes in his suitcase!


Grand Finale Goodbyes

They’ve been together almost since October 1st.  Well, some of them have, actually.

Maret for example.  Our 14yo arrived with the rest of our gang on Seth’s birthday and she stuck around for Elita’s birth and to serve her sister ‘n family as an au pair ever since.   From what I hear, its been a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved.  I look forward to hearing of the relationship, and seeing, I’m sure, a maturing in that now-15 year old.

Collage Burkes

Mitchell’s done a bit of here ‘n there since he decided he didn’t like the heat of Mexico.  Very much like his parents he’s done a bit of Life on the Whim and flittered between OR and BC a couple of times since October, helping his dad out in business on the Island, and building cabinets and hanging out with the Burkes.

Tonight they walked to the food carts for one final splurge of Eats before…..

Tomorrow,  Everette tears Mitch and Maret away from their beloved Burkes and the three of them are arriving in Mexico to a parade of anxious arms ready to embrace!

My, we’ve missed those M&M’s.

Maret Reached Her Favourite Number

Golden Birthdays* and Favourite Number birthdays are both gone for me (5 and 11, respectively) but Maret has just started.

Today, the 28th she’s celebrating her favourite number, FIFTEEN!  Yup, our exact-middle-child  (5th of 9) has reached one of her milestones.  Her Golden Birthday is a long ways off.  It’s a good thing she celebrated it yesterday with a climbing-workout because today the Portland crew aren’t feeling so great. No more celebrating for them.  It seems its their turn to feel under the weather this winter.

Collage  Maret

I miss my kids.  Sure, I have five with me and that’s more than most people ever had.  But when you’re part of a big family you know that even just one person missing seems to leave a big gap and we look around the room wondering “Where is everybody?” or “Is this all there is?”  Missing four of our kids….big gaping hole.

Maret is away for only 6 more sleeps, still being au pair for her married sister.  This is the longest she’s ever been away from home but I know the situation has been beneficial for all parties, and it will be a sad See Ya Later next week when she has to unwrap her arms from those 2 little nieces.  Or Marin’s arms from her.


*turning the age of the numeral date you were born on, ie I was born on the 5th of the month so my Golden Birthday was when I was 5….and I knew nothing about what a Golden Birthday was…I doubt it was even named at that point!

Grampa Met the Newbie

Elita was born the 29th of October.  I had the priveledge to be there for her birth.  But that meant that Everette was ‘holding the fort’ with most of the other kids somewhere else….and he finally got to come back to Portland and meet the littlest addition to the family.

Collage Elita & Gramps

Aunts and Uncles are jealous, me thinks!  Other than Mitchell and Maret the other siblings have yet to meet Miss Elita.