Face Painting and the Sillies of Portland

On their way back to British Columbia to work (so we can continue to live an adventurous life!!) Everette and Mitchell often stop in Portland to see our 2nd eldest daughter Rauchelle and her family….including our 2 little granddaughters (and their daddy, Seth).

Why he does this...nobody knows.

Why he does this…nobody knows.

Sometimes Everette & Mitch fly in late at night and have to head north early in the morning to catch the Black Ball that only sails twice a day between Port Angeles, WA and Victoria, BC.  So sometimes they don’t even get a chance to see any of the girls.

This time they struck it rich….precious times together, hanging out and swinging…

Collage Blue Star Donuts + CoffeeRauchelle, always the artistic one, has gotten serious about face painting, and has been doing her art at the Portland Market on weekends.  She had amples of practice on Mitch, herself, and her darling Marin.

Little Bat Girl, Marin

Little Bat Girl, Marin

Something a Little Fishy

Something a Little Celtic

Rauchelle did her own face.  Good job.

Rauchelle did her own face. Good job.

A break at the food court that Marin enjoys eating at.

A break at the food court that Marin enjoys eating at. Opportunity to sport her art.

But Grampa didn't!!

But Grampa didn’t!!

Another day, ‘nother type of animal….

Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat

Happy Mitch-enstein

Happy Mitch-enstein

Collage Rauchelle narwahl facepainting

There’s a big city park nearby where Rauchelle lives, and she set up ‘shop’ to do a little practicing.  Photos ended because Grampa and Mitchell played with the girls at the playground while Mama worked.

Collage Rauchelle face painting Laurelhurst

Happy Mom Day from our Littlest Heart-Throbs

In my email today I found some photos attached; a wonderful way to brighten my day.  Being a mom of 9 and being separated from all but 2 of them today….its an odd Mother’s Day for me.  So this was extra special.  And knowing their mama is a busy one, who took the time (with help from her awesome partner, dh Seth….Thanks Seth!!) to prep and take these photos.  Wow, thanks Rauchelle.  It means a lot.

First up is Marin, with the Happy Mom Day message on her glowing face.  Beautiful soul, that girl is.  Boisterous, unhindered, embracing all that excites her in life.Happy Mom Day

Next is Elita….with a PRICELESS smile!!  I can’t wait to squeeze (gently) these little girls the next time I get to see them….which isn’t soon enough.  No plans, but hopeful nonetheless.

Elita Heart

Like I said, Rauchelle is a busy mom (those two words are usually in the same sentence!) and sporadically she blogs, too.  If you’re curious about her raising our 2 grans, checkout Simple Life Adventure.

PS  Those must be the face paints you posted about, Chelle.  Good use!!


Maret Reached Her Favourite Number

Golden Birthdays* and Favourite Number birthdays are both gone for me (5 and 11, respectively) but Maret has just started.

Today, the 28th she’s celebrating her favourite number, FIFTEEN!  Yup, our exact-middle-child  (5th of 9) has reached one of her milestones.  Her Golden Birthday is a long ways off.  It’s a good thing she celebrated it yesterday with a climbing-workout because today the Portland crew aren’t feeling so great. No more celebrating for them.  It seems its their turn to feel under the weather this winter.

Collage  Maret

I miss my kids.  Sure, I have five with me and that’s more than most people ever had.  But when you’re part of a big family you know that even just one person missing seems to leave a big gap and we look around the room wondering “Where is everybody?” or “Is this all there is?”  Missing four of our kids….big gaping hole.

Maret is away for only 6 more sleeps, still being au pair for her married sister.  This is the longest she’s ever been away from home but I know the situation has been beneficial for all parties, and it will be a sad See Ya Later next week when she has to unwrap her arms from those 2 little nieces.  Or Marin’s arms from her.


*turning the age of the numeral date you were born on, ie I was born on the 5th of the month so my Golden Birthday was when I was 5….and I knew nothing about what a Golden Birthday was…I doubt it was even named at that point!

Halloween in Two Places at the Same Time and Where the Wild Things Are

We are currently separated (geographically, not maritally), so some of us are in Oregon and some are in Arizona.  Both parties went out Trick or Treating…but I’ve only got my story and photos so we’ll see when the other crew coughs up something.  I heard they were busy all week long planning and creating, so I’ll be very excited to see what it culminated in.

Anyways, the Portland crew (ie predominantly consisted of Seth and Maret) were STELLAR!!!

From Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak:

Collage Max & Wild Things


In the pics above (across the bottom row, L-R) is Maret, Sara (new housemate extraordinaire, & tonight’s narrator, with a touch of jungle), Seth practising his RAW’R, and Mitchell.

Maret was the creative mind behind the costumes…..amazing!!!  She rummaged thru the boxes and boxes of fabric to create the terrible teeth along with the horns and claws and lizard pants.  She scouted out a long skinny white teddy bear at the Goodwill that she morphed into Max’s tail!  Where does she get these ideas?

Seth….Well…he’s incredible in his own right.  He took a stroller and made it into a boat to light the way for MAX (that white MAX isn’t painted on…it is cut out and a solar light illuminates from behind, to help keep the boat visible out in the scary dark of Halloween traffic!).

Max and the helm

Max at the helm

Creator of it all, Maret holding her tail!

Creator of it all, Maret holding her tail!