Tequila Dinners

When my sister and brother-in-law (the Lewis’) moved to town and Everette had gone north for work, the three of us were scouting out rental places, looking for a vehicle, getting them familiar with their new surroundings.  We found ourselves going out to eat nearly every day of the week.

Our repertoire of eateries has most certainly increased 100-fold since early March for which I won’t complain….its been a luxury we couldn’t afford up north, but something doable down here….and it brings us great pleasure.

We’ve found some real treats….and some not-so-good.  Of course that goes with the territory.  There is safety in frequenting what you’ve already proven to be of your liking, of both food/service quality and cost.  But I always wonder if my Favourite might just be one more experience away, and so that urges us on to try a new place.

Joanne, Kevin and I stopped in at Hacienda de Don Pedro for lunch one day, surprised to be given a shot of house tequila each.  Joanne and I, not much into hard liquor, took a sip and then poured it into our limeades.  Kevin though, loved the stuff.

We met Don Pedro himself, who spotted our empty shot glasses and ordered us another round.  We tried to decline but with no success….so Kevin ended up with about 4 shots all to himself.  Good thing he wasn’t the driver.

I’d never seen this side of Kevin– loose and happy.  He laughed lots, and talked big with his hands, and it brought happiness to both Joanne and I.  He bought a bottle of the tequila right there and then, and proudly displayed it in front of him, looking longingly for his dreamy-enjoyment.  I claimed dibs on the bottle, once its empty.

don pedro tequilla

Happy with our food, we didn’t order dessert but found ourselves served a cafe liquor which was delicious.  We sipped away, giggling about how wonderful it was to be living this lifestyle here in Mexico.  No busy schedule, nowhere we had to go….except that French bakery just across the courtyard.

And so we did, with  Kevin delightfully ordering in French.  Our lunch finale….perfecto.

So it was not surprising that I wanted to share this wonderful experience with Everette when he returned home.  We made a Date Night with Joanne and Kevin, and with Tom and Jan (managers of Hotel Perico) to actually celebrate Lewis’ wedding anniversary.Collage  Don Pedros

The six of us had a delightful evening.  Food was delicious.  Those that had the daily special of Steak and glass of wine thoroughly enjoyed the steak, very tender and flavorful.  The rest of us had savory foods, too….and were treated to the cafe liquor as dessert.  Yummm!

Well, when Everette spent the day with Sandy and Danielle learning about their tequila business, they warned about even purchasing tequila from Don Pedro as it supposedly isn’t legally made nor sold.  Tequila is a coveted and highly regulated item, along every step of the process from growing/harvesting/transporting plants with their ‘passports’ to distilleries and the following labeling/etc.

For now, I’ll just admire the gorgeous aqua bottle when I get possession of it.  Hopefully it isn’t illegal to have possession of an empty bottle that I never even purchased.

Always Our Baby! Happy Birthday


That’s one of our babies!  Up in the tree with one of her own babies!!

Rauchelle is our 2nd born.  And she was our baby for 8 1/2 years before she felt she was dethroned by the arrival of Danaka, and the other 6 that followed.  She found it a difficult transition…and asked if she could always be our baby.  Our answer:  You Betcha!!

Today we celebrated another one of her Birthdays…but we weren’t together with her unfortunately, like we were last year.  Second best was to celebrate in spite of her absence!

Rauchelle, I want you to know that your little brothers (the ones that are still shorter than you) were thinking of you all week, anticipating Celebrating YOU!  Anders walked into the suite with a bag of Queso potato chips the other day and said, “These aren’t for tonight.  These are for Rauchelle’s birthday.”  I asked where he got them from and discovered that he spent his own pesos to purchase them himself for the family.  Sweet Jesse!

Laars came in with initials of family members on a list….the invitation list for your party.  I asked what his party ideas were and what he was excited about most was that he had already made popsicles.  When I asked him ‘how many have you made?” he replied confidently, “Two!”  Wow, don’t think that was going to satisfy our crew so I helped him make some fresh lime/orange juice popsicles, enough so each of the kids could have one each…until I discovered that he ate one for breakfast this morning.  So Gaelyn made another orange juice one in hopes it would be frozen enough for Party Time.  It was!!

Collage selfie

Collage M&G

Collage GirlsWe had Aunt Jo and Uncle Kevin (along with Gatsby) come up for a BBQ

Collage Beer

Gatsby2so they could enjoy the expansive grounds, take in the breeze on another hot day thats saturated with the aroma from the Jacarandas…..and eat cake!  Chocolate with cream cheese from Marisa’s.

Collage CakeSo Rauchelle, I know its kind of late to say this on your Birthday, but we wish you a Fantabulous Year full of all your dreams and plenty of delights.  And you can still be Our Baby!!


Los Telares…a Garden Restaurant

Collage entree

Looking scrumptious?  You betcha.  We came to listen to our friends Noe and Jimmy along with Paco.  These 3 provide live music weekly here at Los Telares where we sit in a garden and eat scrumptious foods to a variety of music genres.  Umbrellas are moved aside and dancing begins, where waiters/waitresses skirt between dancing couples…with no spills (this night at least)!

Collage dessert La Torres

Everette and I both grew up in homes where dancing was frowned upon….no, it was considered evil.  Those environments were full of sin and sinners.  I wasn’t even allowed to go to Sock-Hops in Elementary school!  But secretly I have always been mesmerized by dancers, feeding that carnal part of me (tongue in cheek).  Such grace and energy.  I LOVE IT!!

Before Everette and I hit the road again in 2012 I convinced him to take community ballroom dancing lessons.  With four left feet we blundered around the room, him somewhat hesitant and me pushing to lead.  His rhythm far supersedes mine so he could get into the beat with ease if I would just follow his lead.  We did okay…much better with my eyes closed, leaning into the trusting!

This night at Los Telares we were too timid to get up and stumble out a dance.  We waited until other diners had left and the band was playing their last set.  I boldly got myself out of my seat and asked my hubby to take the floor with me.  He accepted.  We snuggled and swayed…and how wrong could we get?  Not much.  The music was slow, the onlookers few. We broke the ice and publicly danced.

Another time?  Why the hell not!



Welcome Home, Guys



We enjoy the freedom of going where we want and not having a structure that constantly calls us back to for maintenance and sucks in our money.  This certainly isn’t the life for everybody.  But for us Johnsons and many more families, its the lifestyle we choose for the Here and Now.  Tomorrow may bring something else;  it truly is Life on the Whim.

Anyways, its always worth celebrating when family members  are safely returned to us. And this time around was special and different because my sister (Joanne) and her hubby (Kevin) were actually here to welcome Everette and Mitchell back to Mexico.  Its nice to have the family here enlarged!  Its fantastic to have my only-sister here, indefinitely.