Always Our Baby! Happy Birthday


That’s one of our babies!  Up in the tree with one of her own babies!!

Rauchelle is our 2nd born.  And she was our baby for 8 1/2 years before she felt she was dethroned by the arrival of Danaka, and the other 6 that followed.  She found it a difficult transition…and asked if she could always be our baby.  Our answer:  You Betcha!!

Today we celebrated another one of her Birthdays…but we weren’t together with her unfortunately, like we were last year.  Second best was to celebrate in spite of her absence!

Rauchelle, I want you to know that your little brothers (the ones that are still shorter than you) were thinking of you all week, anticipating Celebrating YOU!  Anders walked into the suite with a bag of Queso potato chips the other day and said, “These aren’t for tonight.  These are for Rauchelle’s birthday.”  I asked where he got them from and discovered that he spent his own pesos to purchase them himself for the family.  Sweet Jesse!

Laars came in with initials of family members on a list….the invitation list for your party.  I asked what his party ideas were and what he was excited about most was that he had already made popsicles.  When I asked him ‘how many have you made?” he replied confidently, “Two!”  Wow, don’t think that was going to satisfy our crew so I helped him make some fresh lime/orange juice popsicles, enough so each of the kids could have one each…until I discovered that he ate one for breakfast this morning.  So Gaelyn made another orange juice one in hopes it would be frozen enough for Party Time.  It was!!

Collage selfie

Collage M&G

Collage GirlsWe had Aunt Jo and Uncle Kevin (along with Gatsby) come up for a BBQ

Collage Beer

Gatsby2so they could enjoy the expansive grounds, take in the breeze on another hot day thats saturated with the aroma from the Jacarandas…..and eat cake!  Chocolate with cream cheese from Marisa’s.

Collage CakeSo Rauchelle, I know its kind of late to say this on your Birthday, but we wish you a Fantabulous Year full of all your dreams and plenty of delights.  And you can still be Our Baby!!


Dutchy House of Cards

The kids were part of a birthday party recently where there was a cross between scavenger/treasure hunt and challenges.  Each team was made up of both English and Spanish speakers (few are fluently BI-lingual….everybody is learning!) who ran around the hotel property in the heat of the sun trying to solve clues, find messages, and rise to the challenges given.

The challenges were for the team members to accomplish it together or solo…just get the challenge done.

One of the challenges was to build a house of cards….but virtually none of the kids present knew how to do it, and even with some coaching the breeze made it impossible.  But Gaelyn must have determined that she was going to succeed….after the point.

Everette recently returned with new Dutch Blitz cards (we’ve worn out how many sets?) so Gaelyn got down to business and made this colossal (ware)house!Collage House of Cards

Celebrate Beautiful Tina

Collage Poster

Tina has been the greatest addition to our stay here at Hotel Perico after we spent last winter/spring here.  The kids LOVE having her here, and I think our youngest boys may have their first girl-crushes of their lives!

So of course they wanted to participate in celebrating her Birthday, along with the rest of Perico.  They helped decorate & make the poster, and helped consume the Chile-an hot dogs, reminiscent of how Tina’s family made them in her childhood.  They were delicious (compliment from somebody who rarely eats a hot dog!)CollageParty Collage Tina

Miss Congeniality makes sure everybody is comfortable and having a good time.  Everybody is happy to be in her presence.


we wish you a

Happy Birthday with much

Health, Abundance and Prosperity

for many years to come!




Birthday boy was treated to breakfast out with his parents & Grandma S. at Cafe Negro where he stuffed himself with a Mexican burrito.  It’s a treat not to have to fight to be heard, or to get a whole plate food of yummy and not risk losing it.

We took him shopping for some new clothes, a pair of swim shorts and pizza for his Birthday meal.  After eating pizza on the terraza, he wasn’t given any time to put on his swim shorts his Dad and big brother…..

Collage A & ERJ

Escorted him off the terraza backwards and into the refreshing pool!

After a swim we had our friends join us for making Sundaes which seemed like a BIG hit.  International friends, from New Zealand, USA, Canada and United Kingdom….and of course, Mexican friends.

Collage guests

When the day was done Anders declared, “This is the BEST Birthday I’ve ever had!”

 Happy Ninth Birthday, Anders!