Make Java

Many people love (read: need) to start their morning with a cup of java.  Although neither of us are those types, we enjoy a hot cup particularly early in the morning.  Everette likes the drink; I admit to enjoying both the aroma and the holding-the-warm-cup more than the beverage itself.

There isn’t always a coffee shop for Everette to frequent, and it’s so much cheaper to make a cup at ‘home’ so we have our own system…the one without using electricity and a timer so its ready when we get up.

We heat our water up in a pot on our propane stove.  If we are parked for a while and have access to electricity then we use our electric kettle.

To freshly grind our beans we use our converter that’s plugged into a battery charged by our solar panel, or gets charged when we are driving the van.

We use our French Press to brew our coffee.

French Press

French Press

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