New Signs: We Mean Business

I grew up with parents who sold Amway, who stocked products they didn’t need but hoped somebody else would relieve them of the burden every month.

Bad taste I’ve had for multi-level marketing (MLM) & network marketing or other direct sales.  I tend to shy away from them.

Probably just like you.

MLM & Bill Gates

…..ok, so Bill Gates didn’t say that?  The quote is supposedly made by Donald Trump and he probably meant it as being a producer not as a sales rep.

But that doesn’t mean direct selling isn’t a great way to operate a company.  Revenues are huge, and their team members are making great incomes with them….if they work it.  I realize that a huge per cent of those who sign up in MLM never accomplish anything because….they didn’t honestly work it. Treat it like a hobby and it’s going to pay like a hobby.  Work it like a business and it will pay like a business.

We’ve decided to team up with a debt free company in Florida that is growing exponentially now. 1,565% growth in the past 3 years alone!!!   Started in 2001, the Direct Selling News ranked it in the top 100 for the last several years, moving up each year.  Huge revenues with less than 100,000 distributors!!  Great compensation plan that pays frequently so there’s quick cash in your pocket.  No cars to earn, just lots of big cash bonuses.  What could be better?

We don’t need a new vehicle, we want cash to fund our travels and pay bills.  You too?  If you want to know more contact me at

We have heard so many stories of people’s lives being changed through this business….Health, confidence, finances.  They seem crazy but its true.  Moms and dads being able to stay home with their kids, working from the comfort of their own homes.  Mortgages being retired.  Post secondary education being paid for– not by school loans but by cash in pocket.  Freedom to design your life the way you’d like it to be.Women in HomeBased biz

 A Crazy Wrap

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’ve seen this in a couple of places now and think its really cute.  With the prices of nearly everything going up, and us feeling a keen awareness to the rise since we were recently in a much more economical place, I find I’m needing more humour in my life.

From my perspective, many people are like the frog in the pot; not noticing that the temperature is rising.  I hope you won’t be boiled.

Light @ end of tunnel

Benefits of Tequila

Neither Everette nor I like Tequila, but we found this sign humorous.  Found in what appears to be an abandoned restaurant/bar. Who knows…it might be Open for Business this weekend!!Benefits of Tequila

Most of us are trying to avoid memory loss, but I suppose for some its too painful so they would rather lose it at the bottom of a bottle.  If you like Tequila, that’s a possibility according to this list.