DIY Home Removal of Skin Tags

Do you grow those floppy flaps of skin on the back of your neck, or near folds of skin like arm pits and the groin?

I’ve had a few.  Not plagued by them like some people.  And they aren’t really bothersome to me, but I came across some videos online about home removal of skin tags and thought I’d try it for myself.

Well, not actually BY myself though.  I needed somebody to help me since it required tying them off and I couldn’t get a clear view nor maneuver my hands properly in some of those places.  Like on the back of my neck.  Or in my armpit.  My neck isn’t long enough and my vision clear enough!

Home removal of skin tags can be done simply and for free.  Assuming you already own scissors and dental floss.  Yes, dental floss.

The gist of it is you strangle the blood supply off at the base of the skin tag by tying the floss around it.   Cut the floss ends short enough not to bother you during your daily activities.  When the tag has died its like a scab that will just dry and fall off.  And its history.

Checkout my short video.  Nothing gross.

Tequila and el Pajarete

First off….you might be interested to know that tequila is good for you!!  Especially if you want help in losing weight!  Now if only I would enjoy the stuff maybe I could add it to my daily regiment?

Not likely.

Back at the Chili Cook-off  Everette and I sampled some tequila….not our favorite liquor drink but on the map below you’ll see we are basically in the middle of Tequila Country!  There are lots of options and we thought we might just find something to our liking if we tried hard enough.  So there at the Chili Cook-off we were introduced to Sandy y Daniel & their tequila by the same name.



We discovered that when Everette & I look out from Hotel Perico at the morning sunrise we overlook Daniel’s house where we can stop and buzz at the gate, and purchase some tequila right there.  So that’s exactly what Everette did.  Which led him to being invited over for el pajarete the next morning.  “And bring a friend!”

So Sunday morning Everette and Mark headed out for a quick morning drink…often what people here in Mexico will drink for a hang-over!  Some use coffee, many use hot chocolate mix; then you add alcohol (not for kids!) and have milk squirted directly into your cup.  Viola!!

The cow ran out of milk at Daniel’s neighbors so they ventured up the hill behind Hotel Perico to another friend’s place so Everette could get a full one.Collage 2nd farm

You can see from the guys’ faces they were totally thrilled with the experience; new for Mark and not frequent enough for Everette, I’m surmising from his report of how well his day went!Collage CheersWhat Everette thought would be a quick morning drink out turned into a field trip for these two homeschooling dads as they galavanted around the hills here on the north side of Lake Chapala.

Checkout further posts where they learned more about Sandy y Daniel tequila; the business and the life.



Fostering: Bones and Dixie

Abandoned dogs is a major problem in Mexico, one that gringos are often greatly involved in rectifying through various means.

Many of you are aware that the kids (particularly Maret) volunteered at a local dog rescue last year.  And a little bit this year, too.  But now Maret’s been much busier staying home and looking after rescued dogs….right here at Hotel Perico.

Tina found Bones outside a gringo-frequented grocery store and brought him home after a vet visit, and he’s been hanging around the hotel for a few weeks now, being fattened up and socializing with the dogs and humans here.  When he needs dog sitting he hangs out at our place.  Or he knows this is a safe place to come get attention and cuddles from the kids, and some fresh water and shade.

Collage Bones

Dixie’s story goes:  her family (snowbirds heading north??) dropped her off in the neighborhood of the Racquet Club a couple of weeks ago…back when it was raining and cold still.  She hung out at a construction site where friendly ‘neighbors’ brought food and water every day.  When it was spotted that she had a bad injury an ‘angel’ lured her in a vehicle and took her to a local vet for stitches.  She hung out there at the vet’s office for a few days until Maret made connections with the Lakeside Advocates for Animal.  Now she’s fitting in nicely at our place.  She’s obviously been house trained.  She is well-mannered, still puppy-ish (about 2yrs old) and quiet.  She’s been introduced to all the other dogs at the Hotel and everything seems to have gone well.  Dixie is good on a leash and gets plenty of walks with Maret around the grounds.  She’s a beautiful dog, in good health and spirits.  At ‘home’ she gets lots of attention and loving, and after the first day of nervousness (who wouldn’t be a tad nervous coming into a big-family’s home?) Dixie has adjusted amazingly.

Collage Dixie


Butter in Your Coffee?

It so happens when the kids get into a craze of putting cream on their frozen strawberries…..I often find myself absent of cream for my morning coffee.  Nice that Donaji brought raw milk over yesterday.  Its been so creamy it needs to be put into a blender before we can drink it, or its like chunks of cold butter floating like icebergs on the surface of our glass.  Not very palatable for us.

So this morning with the lack of cream I thought I’d use the raw milk…..and why not just scoop out the buttery stuff and add it to my coffee?

I remember hearing about people adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil to their morning coffee and purporting it to be healthy.  Not sure about that, but the butter was palatable in my coffee, anyways.  Tomorrow I’ll try again but I’ll put it in the blender to supposedly make it creamier (rather than oily).Collage raw milk

Why Do It?

Why Not!



A Little Moxie in Patzcuaro

Micah with Laars

Micah with Laars

I had really hoped to spend time getting to know the Nichols when they happened upon Ajijic and contacted us at Christmastime. But as life plays out sometimes we just have to accept what it offers; an afternoon with their family and a morning chasing littles before illness moved them onwards.

Now they are exploring the town that’s been my favourite so far, and they are discovering the same for themselves….the loveliness of Patzcuaro.  I wanted to encourage you all to check out Meriah’s blog A Little Moxie.  Not only her sharing of Patzcuaro, but to see/hear her perspective of life and travel in Mexico from the view of people with disability.

Enjoy Meriah’s photography, as I always do!