Shake Rattle n Roll

This is one of my favorite things the kids have done this year.  I could watch this over and over and over again.  And just one more time because it makes me happy 🙂

When we came to Hotel Perico virtually nobody in our family knew how to dance….because Everette and I were both raised with the belief that dancing (and the environment in which it took place) was sinful.  We’ve not passed that belief on to our children. However, because Everette and I don’t know how to dance (well, we did take some ballroom dance lessons back in 2007 but we suck, big time!!) we haven’t actively sought to change the absence of it.

Thankfully we’ve had some Leonard-Ladies full of spunk who’ve taken it upon themselves to give some instruction to our stiff offspring.  Tina started over (US) Thanksgiving last year and the young ones in particular were willing to get on the dance floor and wiggle their booties.  Then her cousin was here for the summer and she taught the kids some moves.

I think you’ll be surprised by who the dancers were, and the moves that they choreographed.  Enjoy it Here.



Worldschoolers Unite: Well, 3 Families Did!

What a hectic weekend….glad that weekends aren’t our only time to socialize.  The laptop lifestyle provides a flexible time schedule….we do actually have to work, but we can adjust our day/week/month to what suits us better. So getting 2 big traveling families together worked out best for a Monday afternoon and we invited our neighbor/friends Mark, Renee and their daughter, E to join us. The Inions have been in this area of Mexico for well over a year, and somehow we never knew it when we were here in early 2014.  But this time around we’ve run into them several times in town, just never got our families all together. With 2 big families you have an instant party.  Inions travel with their 9 children, and we with only 7 of our 9.  So between our 2 families we have enough for a full-fledged baseball game!! But we didn’t.

Stacey Inion with her youngest son, and Mark D.  Everette and Brent manning the BBQ

Stacey Inion with her youngest son, and Mark D.          Everette and Brent manning the BBQ

We had a Barbecue, and some played cards while others played frisbee on the open field.  There was plenty of talk….comforting talk where you are free to share not only your successes but more importantly your struggles without feeling judged for living outside of ‘Normal’.  Ideas were thrown around of how to handle some of our difficulties such as dealing with insurance, tourist visas and mail while you internationally travel.  No judgement, just help and camaraderie. These fearlessly independent world schooling families paused long enough for an afternoon together and a quick photo-shoot.  Before everybody goes on their merry traveling ways. You can check out Stacey’s post here.

What watermarked


Johnson tongue always showing up. Rude group of people. But you can see which parent to blame 😉

pic courtesy of Stacey Inion

pic courtesy of Stacey Inion

Pirate Murder Mystery: The Birthday Boy Must Have Done It!

Birthday Boy

An advantage (among many) of having a big family is you have an instant party, an instant baseball team, an instant cast for a theatrical.  Its all dependent on the willingness of participation.

Our Bonnie Lad turned 17 and became a suspect in our family’s first ever Murder Mystery Party. It was a ton of fun had by all, both those involved and the spectators–some of us started as spectators but then got cast into roles on the spot.  Best to Roll with the Punches!Mitchell-17


Birthday Tradition

Usually for our family members’ birthdays they get to choose what the main meal is for the day, and what type of dessert they want.  Sometimes they pick an activity, like going to the Guadalajara Zoo.

Mitchell rolled it all into one, wanting Make-Your-Own-Parfaits….meal and dessert all in one dish.  So that’s what we planned, and made Tapioca Pudding since his birthday happened to also be the National Tapioca Pudding Day.

The Murder Mystery


The kids worked for days on creating costumes.  Toveli worked tirelessly on a gown for Gaelyn…the base of which was a down quilt with strips of fabric stitched onto it.  Such creative minds.

Somebody ‘gave’ Anders a black eye but when Danaka added some purple eyeshadow it was a great improvement.  She’s thankful Tina has taken her to hang out at Live Theatre with her sometimes, picking up little tips here and there.  Coming in handy.

The Spectators

It’s always nice to have somebody available to watch us makes fools of ourselves!  So we had a willing audience….and even several last minute actors.  Like Bob, who willingly became Captain Hook the Third.

The Plot

Captain Jack Parrot went missing over night and was discovered chained and drowned beneath the boat, a big smile on his face.  Who done it?

The Setting

Amongst creepy crawlies and half-drunk bottles.  We’re introduced to the characters and realize everybody had a reason to wish Captain Jack Parrot dead.


 The Characters

Blackbeard was an irritating character who habitually tapped his foot to some unheard music.  He and Jack Parrot were rivals, after the same treasure.  Parrot had taken possession of the treasure and hidden it, infuriating Blackbeard.

Captain William Kidd (who needed a translator, Aunt Jo, to tell his story) was the son of Jack Parrot.  We aren’t sure what his issue was against Jack, but probably some family dysfunction going on there.

Nell, as the wife of Jack Parrot, was the beneficiary of his Last Will and Testament, so she had lots to gain by his death.  Besides the fact that she had a rival in the love-department.

Ben Gone was the only one alive now who knew where the treasure was hidden.  He obviously could claim the whole treasure for himself now.

Captain Hook lost both his hand and some money because of Jack Parrot.  Revenge ran deep with him.

I was Kim Hawkins, a young girl disguised and working as a cabin boy.  Jack knew of my identity and threatened to expose me, but I both needed and wanted this way of life.  Under no circumstances could I let him betray me.  (I was the one with the camera, so no picts of me.)

Elizabeth Goose had fallen off a gang-plank and was saved from drowning by Jack Parrot.  Her admiration for him turned to love, and when he was imprisoned, she visited him and swapped clothes so he could escape (as a lady).  Still married to Nell Bird, Jack didn’t commit to Elizabeth as she had desired and she felt betrayed.

Girl Friday (aka Antonia Da Ville) had been abandoned on an island for 5 years by Jack Parrot.  Obviously she had reason to want that man dead.

Ann Bonny had just recently discovered who her father was, and she was furious of Jack impregnating her mother and abandoning them.



And the verdict is…..well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out!


Should the guilty one have to walk the plank?  Or are we thankful for the  contribution of bettering our lives?



**The whole idea behind doing a Murder Mystery is Thanks to the lovely Teresa Leonard who initiated this whole thing.  I have yet to introduce you to “Tree”.  I’ll have to do a post featuring her before she leaves the end of this month.

Oh Canada in Mexico


The largest flag we travel with.








July 1st is the day Canada celebrates what is commonly referred to as ‘her birthday’.  It actually is in recognition of the joining of the colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada into a federation on July 1, 1867, becoming a kingdom called the Dominion of Canada. From that time until 1982, the British parliament and Cabinet slowly surrendered its limited political control over Canada.

Our family usually attended a Canada Day Parade, often dressing in red and white like our national flag, or wearing something with the maple leaf emblem.  Face painting or temporary tattoos of a maple leaf was commonly worn on cheeks and foreheads.  We were always proud to sport our patriotic Jeep.


Our proud Canadian Jeep out on a hike with Rauchelle and Everette (BC 2006)

In Mexico we don’t have much for Canadians around us, but we decided nonetheless people are more than willing to have a party.  And it just so happened to correspond with Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day…..good reason to celebrate.

So Maret took it upon herself to initiate a party.  The Johnson’s provided vanilla ice cream as the base and others brought toppings.  Typical sundae toppings (chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry syrups) along with chopped strawberries and mangoes.  There were Oreo and maple cookies, chopped nuts, bacon and maple syrup.  And cajeta, which is a Mexican topping made from sweetened & caramelized goat milk.Canada-Day-Celebration-in-Mexico

We invited my sister and brother-in-law up for the party (cuz their Canadians, too, eh!!) so Gatsby came along, always happy to saunter thru the grounds and take in the freedom he’s allowed here.

Bob (from USA) wanted us to sing the National Anthem that he initiated, looking at the lyrics on his phone, singing to a slightly different tune so none of us Canadians really sang along….then accused us that we don’t know our anthem.  Fair enough, Everette said we know how to bang our hockey sticks on the ice at the end of the anthem, and Game On!!

Instead, Mitchell, Gaelyn and Anders sang “Canada’s Really Big” which resulted in the usual chuckles and cheering from the audience.


Tina with puppies Edmund and Lucy

It seemed like it was actually a bit of a dog party.  Most of the residence here have their dogs, and Tina is usually fostering extras.  I think a lot of the residence recognize others by the dog that they have.

From my rough counting, there were about 7 dogs at least, only  2 of which were Canadian.  13 Canadian-humans out of about 25 of us (9 of them were our family, plus one Swiss/Cdn).  Not bad for being here in small-town Mexico.


Dog DNA and World Domination by an 8 Year Old Boy

What happens when you swallow 3 dog hairs?


Epic, our awesome dog.

According to the 8 year old we now have (as of Friday), one obtains Dog DNA and the super-power of being capable of sniffing people from across the yard.  He can track them by their scent.  He claims that if he swallows even more dog hairs he’ll get more DNA and improve his tracking skills.  However, he’s put a limit to all of this…he will not retrieve dog hairs for consumption from the garbage.  Good Boy!!

This 8 year old has been working on another power-aspect of his personality.

World Domination.

He talks of saving up all of his money, buying a big castle, building an army (mostly mercenaries) and conquering the world.  And so, for his birthday his sisters made this video for him.

Happy Birthday, Laars-ipan