Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You!


Wayne Dyer


Maybe its the fact that he was the father of EIGHT.

Maybe it was because his gentle voice exuded love and compassion.

Maybe because it sounded like a nonjudgmental Dad or a kindly Grandfather full of wisdom.

I always enjoyed listening to Wayne, though by no means was I a follower.  I would catch snippets here and there, memes on Facebook or something on Pinterest.  They usually inspired me.

Whatever the reason, I was sad to hear of his passing this past weekend.  However, he was a true example to Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You.

Here’s a couple more videos.

Growing Up with Wayne Dyer as My Dad by Serena, speaking about the authenticity of her father.  And then there is The Shift Movie….Wayne had hoped to live to see 3 million viewers… over a million ((Everette and I were 2 of them!) viewed it before his death and now it is available so that other millions can see it for FREE.



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