Missing in Action & 30 Years With My Man

I realize its been more than a week since I’ve posted.  Apologies.

Everything is fine.  We’ve been laying low, hanging around the Hotel, watching TV series and movies, planning for Danaka’s trip to Portland and a 2 week cycling trip with Rauchelle and her family.  The count down is on.  She leaves early Tuesday.

This past Monday was 30 Days since Everette and I met.

Well, that could be argued, because back in 1974 our families spent the day at Honeymoon Bay on Vancouver Island just as their family was moving to northern BC.  We were over visiting my cousins who attended the same church as Johnsons and a bunch of people were hanging out at the beach.  So that’s where we first met, I suppose.

However, the meeting didn’t stick in either of our memories well.  Nada for me.  And Everette thinks I was in diapers…but I was EIGHT ….I swear I wasn’t in diapers!!!

The time we officially met was when I went north to Fort St John to be in a friends wedding.  I arrived the week before the big event, and it was the day of my arrival, Aug 24th 1985  that Everette and I actually met and got the ball rolling….

really fast!

So I’ve spent too-many-hours producing a montage for the big 30th Anniversary!  Especially since Everette is away in BC working,  I wanted him to have a tangible way to know how much I care….and I’m sharing it with you all now.  Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Missing in Action & 30 Years With My Man

  1. I’ll always remember when Everette met you, and the story he told about how God told him that you were the one. Such a beautiful story. Congratulations on 30 years!!! ❤

    • Tana, did you realize 2 of the pics in the montage are when I delivered balloons for you parents? I wore the gorilla suit and delivered balloons to Everette at the real estate office where he worked with Avon. Funny thing (a reversal) was at our wedding my father said he felt a little bit like he was giving a Stradivarius to a Gorilla!

  2. What a great montage! Frank and I loved watching it together and reading all the fabulous quotes you collected. Where are you living right now? You mentioned the hotel.

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