DIY Home Removal of Skin Tags

Do you grow those floppy flaps of skin on the back of your neck, or near folds of skin like arm pits and the groin?

I’ve had a few.  Not plagued by them like some people.  And they aren’t really bothersome to me, but I came across some videos online about home removal of skin tags and thought I’d try it for myself.

Well, not actually BY myself though.  I needed somebody to help me since it required tying them off and I couldn’t get a clear view nor maneuver my hands properly in some of those places.  Like on the back of my neck.  Or in my armpit.  My neck isn’t long enough and my vision clear enough!

Home removal of skin tags can be done simply and for free.  Assuming you already own scissors and dental floss.  Yes, dental floss.

The gist of it is you strangle the blood supply off at the base of the skin tag by tying the floss around it.   Cut the floss ends short enough not to bother you during your daily activities.  When the tag has died its like a scab that will just dry and fall off.  And its history.

Checkout my short video.  Nothing gross.

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