Jane Austen Murder Mystery

We’ve heard of Murder Mystery Dinners before as you probably have, but none of us had attended one.  Teresa/Tree made that all change when she convinced our kids to do a Pirate Murder Mystery on Mitchell’s 17th birthday.  We stumbled our way thru it not knowing how it should really play out but once we got one under our belt, well…the possibilities are endless.

It sounds like it wouldn’t be family friendly, but really neither of our Murder Mysteries were grousome in the least.  Not much detail nor focus is given to the actual murder.  Most of the script is about figuring out the relationships between all the characters and the motive they might have in committing the crime.  None of it is acted out so the subject matter may or may not be understood based on the auditory acquisition of the listeners.

Gaelyn, our 11 yr old daughter obviously thought it was fabulous and she quickly took it upon herself to be the hostess of another Murder Mystery.  A Jane Austen Murder Mystery.

CharactersBesides making costumes and antique looking paper props the girls invested time in refreshing themselves with Jane Austen movies.  Not at all a hardship since Pride & Prejudice is one of our girls’ all-time favorite books/movie.

The Story:

John Thorpe has been discovered nearly decapitated in the water closet near the breakfast room.  Lady Catherine is insistent that they discover who the murderer is before the police arrive.

Mr Thorpe had secrets on everybody, so nobody was beyond suspicion.IMG_1269

Of course everybody is surprised by the twists and turns that the plot takes…

  • jealousy,
  • secret and forbidden romances
  • illegitimate children,
  • unpaid debts.
  • theft….

And in the end….

well, I can’t tell you Who Done It…in case you want to play the game at your next dinner party!


4 thoughts on “Jane Austen Murder Mystery

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  2. This looks like so much fun! I would be intimidated to try to do a murder mystery myself since we’ve never attended one either, but wow, the educational appeal. I think when the kids get a bit older we’re definitely trying this! Keep linking up the fantastic ideas to the Sunshine Life Link Up. You inspire me with every post!

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