1,000 Days of Travel

Hard to keep things straight.  Our big family has been traveling most of the time since Sept 2007, so that’s 2,866 days…

since 2007

but we did move to Sooke (south Vancouver Island) to start a business and stayed 23 months.  So take that off the grand total and…

1,000 Days!!

1,000 Days!!

We’ve made it to ONE THOUSAND DAYS of Travel.

Its been a hectic week, and all my good intentions of putting together a montage of our 1,000 days of travel thru western USA and Mexico didn’t materialize.  I’ve got a bright kitchen now (we’ve been renovating) but the montage didn’t happen until later this afternoon and I only covered the USA in 2012.

But I chuckled as I went over the pictures and videos from not-quite 3 years ago.  I have some pretty silly family members that make me laugh.

And so I hope you’ll get a laugh, too, and enjoy it.  It’s only eight minutes long….but like I said, its only the USA so there’s still all of Mexico yet to come.

Stay Tuned for Baja California, Mexico.

PS  Very Late in posting this since the internet has been atrocious this week/end, even notifying that it would take more than 111,050 minutes to upload.

7 thoughts on “1,000 Days of Travel

  1. Haha, what a great way to document the 1000 days of travel! Love the video, it was a great touch. I wish we were able to travel this much, it’s one of our family goals. This year we did more than normal, so we’re on the right path! Thanks so much for linking up your story with the Sunshine Life link up.

    • More montages to come…the kids keep asking since they enjoy watching them and remembering. You can ‘travel’ close to home still, too, while you work out the logistics to travel longer or more frequently later. At least you’re getting out and starting somewhere.

      Thanks for doing the Link Up.

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