I Basically Met Michael on His Way Out

One of the greatest things about our big family travel in Mexico has been the fantastic people we meet.  Well, that goes for travel wherever, not just Mexico.  My kids agree, whole-heartedly.

Sure, there’s been some great activities:

but all of the activities are made even better in their memories because of the people they associate with the event.


Staying here at Hotel Perico is good, but it’s made better because of the visitors that stop by and stay awhile!  Over-nighters come and go quickly, but those that stay longer tend to connect with at least somebody in our family.

Our kids are out and about all the time and are often peoples’ first introduction to our family.  Or Everette meets them because he’s cooking supper down at the terraza, or ‘covering’ over at Reception.

Me, I’m often the last to meet them because I have my face attached to a computer. Or my nose is in a book.  Or I’ve fallen asleep while listening to some subliminal audio.  Or I’m cleaning up dog hair or dirty dishes or dishes with dirty dog hair.  I don’t know what happens to my days, but I am 99% Home-Body.

When I finally do my own introductions the person already knows all about me!  It’s creepy, when from my perspective I’m meeting a stranger but from their perspective they already know who I am.   Security HectorToday I met Hector (this is not hotel security…this was outside of the bank) and he already knew that I had 9 kids.  And he says my husband told him that I was beautiful.  Thanks, Everette!!

I’m hopeful they aren’t telling people all our personal secrets….embellishments, possibly, but don’t tell all our secrets!

Well, Michael was one of those guys that basically met all the family except for me for the longest time.  I don’t think we even had a proper introduction, Michael and I.

He would quietly swim some laps at the pool while the kids and I were down there, or he’d say Hi! on his way to the office.  He was quiet, & reserved.  But we really never had a conversation, did we Michael?  Until maybe at your Farewell party where I commented to you that we hadn’t really talked before!!  Weird.

After his initial shock of “this is way out in the boonies and boring”  wore off a bit that first week, he seemed to be more active and engaged with the kids and his surroundings.  It’s totally understandable…Michael comes from NYC.  Not NYC proper, but close-enough, like Manhattan or something like that.  So when he steps out his front door he’s in town.  IN the city.

Not here at Perico!  Here you’re surrounded with space, and green, and a drive into any town of any size, shape or form.  Don’t get me wrong, Perico is a great place.  If it didn’t have plenty of up-sides then we wouldn’t still be here, would we?  But being out of town can be both good and bad, and coming from the Big Apple I can see this being…..remote!

So it was a big adjustment for Michael coming not only to Mexico, but to Perico.

And then getting plunked down in the middle of a loud gang of rainbow-coloured munchkins.  That’s Culture-Shock.

He couldn’t really ignore our kids, because his big-little sister (or should I say older-little, right Layne!?) got Michael and the kids hanging together as she is so good at herself.

Michael is the younger brother of Tina who helps manage the hotel here.  Because Tina welcomes our kids into her world, there was an obvious, mandatory overlapping when Michael arrived.

Tina organized events, like another day at Tobolandia.  They swam or played frisbee out in the field.  There were work projects she initiated to use the available work force…(p.s. did the dog run get finished?)  Some nights I’d go into the back of Reception and find Michael, Tina and the kids zonked, watching movies.

Michael endured some unusual conversations with Laars, I’m sure.  Talks of castles, and rocket ships, and his future inventions.  Michael listened to Laars explain how he was part dog…but Michael wasn’t convinced.  He was most certainly humored, but he wasn’t convinced.  And neither am I.

Anyways, we’re glad you stopped in at Hotel Perico, Michael, and at least our kids got to know you somewhat.  They talk about you, and the time while you were here. All very fondly.

We wish you well in your endeavors in the Big Apple.

Party On!



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