2 Burner Stove or Less Simple Recipes

In 2012 we left our 2400+ sq ft home with full kitchen to live out of this….

Our van at the Twin Rocks Cafe

Our van at the Twin Rocks Cafe





back of van packed






15 passenger van and various arrangements of tents over time (roof and ground tents).  Nine of us.



So this iswas our Kitchen…it morphed depending on our location, situation, weather.

inside palapa3







This was the kitchen the kids and I set up at Kino Bay, wrapping a palapa with tarps so we had some sort of protection from the sand storms we were blasted with.  It also kept some of our possessions a little more out-of-sight and left only one entrance.

Like my father, my kids’ father does the camp cooking.  He says for the most part he enjoys it.  His biggest challenge is coming up with enough variety.  But here he is, I think at Oxbow on the Colorado River, cooking up supper for the hungry crew.










When camping we have the 2-burner stove, and sometimes a campfire.  Our red dutch-oven became permanently black, loosing its lustre blush that once graced my suburban kitchen.  It found itself buried in coals too many times.

We have a slow-cooker, kettle, coffee-grinder and Blendtec blender, but of course those require electricity.  On occasion we’ve made smoothies in restrooms at campgrounds!

Our kitchen here at the hotel is currently morphing.  We have a full size oven/stove waiting for the gas line to be dropped through our roof.  And have a full-size fridge with freezer.  So we are movin’ up in the world!!  (I’ll share soon about some of our new transitions.)

But all along we’ve tried to keep food preparation and storage simple and usually to a minimum.  For 2 years our ‘fridge’ was a huge cooler, half full of ice block to keep for more than 2 days while we were off road somewhere.  But its soooo nice now to have a fridge!  One of my pet-peeves, however, are fridge doors full of condiments you can’t make a meal from!  So I focus on less condiments and real foods.  Everette leans towards variety and toppings.

We’ve discovered some food sensitivies that are quite major, actually.  They tend to morph a decently-pleasant child of ours into a vicious hair-pulling blood-scratching angry person we hardly recognize so we try and really limit all grains.  Some of us avoid most dairy.

So in that respect this Vanlife Cookbook I’m posting here is not very conducive to cooking simply for our family.  They rely heavily on grains (including wheat, corn and rice) and plenty of dairy.  But hey, not everybody is like us.  So I thought I’d forward it on to you!

The ingredients are easy to find staples in most places, and the idea is that these meals are made in less than 30 minutes with 2 or less burners.

Hope you like it.  Head over to Sprinter Van Diaries and thank them.



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