Oh Canada in Mexico


The largest flag we travel with.








July 1st is the day Canada celebrates what is commonly referred to as ‘her birthday’.  It actually is in recognition of the joining of the colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada into a federation on July 1, 1867, becoming a kingdom called the Dominion of Canada. From that time until 1982, the British parliament and Cabinet slowly surrendered its limited political control over Canada.

Our family usually attended a Canada Day Parade, often dressing in red and white like our national flag, or wearing something with the maple leaf emblem.  Face painting or temporary tattoos of a maple leaf was commonly worn on cheeks and foreheads.  We were always proud to sport our patriotic Jeep.


Our proud Canadian Jeep out on a hike with Rauchelle and Everette (BC 2006)

In Mexico we don’t have much for Canadians around us, but we decided nonetheless people are more than willing to have a party.  And it just so happened to correspond with Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day…..good reason to celebrate.

So Maret took it upon herself to initiate a party.  The Johnson’s provided vanilla ice cream as the base and others brought toppings.  Typical sundae toppings (chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry syrups) along with chopped strawberries and mangoes.  There were Oreo and maple cookies, chopped nuts, bacon and maple syrup.  And cajeta, which is a Mexican topping made from sweetened & caramelized goat milk.Canada-Day-Celebration-in-Mexico

We invited my sister and brother-in-law up for the party (cuz their Canadians, too, eh!!) so Gatsby came along, always happy to saunter thru the grounds and take in the freedom he’s allowed here.

Bob (from USA) wanted us to sing the National Anthem that he initiated, looking at the lyrics on his phone, singing to a slightly different tune so none of us Canadians really sang along….then accused us that we don’t know our anthem.  Fair enough, Everette said we know how to bang our hockey sticks on the ice at the end of the anthem, and Game On!!

Instead, Mitchell, Gaelyn and Anders sang “Canada’s Really Big” which resulted in the usual chuckles and cheering from the audience.


Tina with puppies Edmund and Lucy

It seemed like it was actually a bit of a dog party.  Most of the residence here have their dogs, and Tina is usually fostering extras.  I think a lot of the residence recognize others by the dog that they have.

From my rough counting, there were about 7 dogs at least, only  2 of which were Canadian.  13 Canadian-humans out of about 25 of us (9 of them were our family, plus one Swiss/Cdn).  Not bad for being here in small-town Mexico.


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