Selfie Stick in the Hands of Silly Man

Everette and I are busy working on some other websites for our business and part of our (self) development is getting into making videos.  Its something I’ve thought of doing for years now here on AcrobaticThoughts…but just thought I wouldn’t be good enough, I was too self-conscious, blah blah blah.

But the time has come…and its FUN!!!  So I chose to do my own 90 Day Video Challenge, making a video everyday. Not that I have to share it with anybody because Heck, some of them are pretty nasty looking. The idea is just to get myself on the screen and evaluate my ‘performance’. Do I overdo the umhs and ahhs, stutter, squint too much (Yup!), talk at a good speed?

Once Everette saw me having fun with it, well he knew that he could have fun with it, too.  Especially since he has a sillier side to him than I do!

The other night we came home with a selfie-stick, which in and of itself seemed to give our teen kids a giggle. What? You think us old folks can’t get into this technology??

Well, let me tell you something!

No, rather let me show you something!! Cuz proofs in the pudding, and we undoubtedly know how to use this stuff.


First Video:

With the Selfie Stick

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