Scooting Around

It’s not ours but we dream of having one.  BIGGER!!

BMW maybe.

We aren’t quite there in our lives yet.  In the meantime, Everette borrows Tom’s scooter for cheaper trips into town.  Each of the kids that have jumped on the back have LOVED it.  Nothing like Matt-the-Frenchman’s bike but nonetheless its enjoyable.

Collage Scooting

Some afternoons when we need a break we jump on and head to Chapala or along the lake just to feel the wind on our faces.  Perspective is different on here than it is from the comfy seat of the van.  I see so much more even though hubby blocks much of the forward view.

We feel FREE.

Even if its just for an hour.

One of our favorite places to go is a new restaurant in Chapala that we refer to as The Patio although its really called il Giardino.

There are four levels (patios) to this restaurant tucked discretely off the sidewalk of the main street.  We can sit up at the highest level amongst the palm trees and fountain like we did with Dee and Gerry, or on the first level (as in pic below) where we can people-watch on the sidewalk.

Twice now we’ve gone for drinks and were given soup ‘on the house’ along with savory buns….I think they are looking to expand their menu.  This day we were treated to very tasty carrot soup.  All the food we’ve experienced here has been great.

Collage il GiardinoWe understand that this is one of the few restaurants open late at night, tip 1am or something like that.  A great place for after an evening show.

The biggest challenge would be the four flights of stairs if one has had too many drinks.  But go ahead, try it out….I dare you!


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