Tequila: Sandy y Daniel

I wrote a post about how Everette and I discovered Tequila Sandy y Daniel, and how Everette and Mark ended up going for el pajarete.  Now here’s more pics from the Tequila Fieldtrip!Collage Sandy y Daniel

Meet Sandy (left) and Daniel (right).  An unpresuming pair of guys who are making a mark in the tequila business here in Jalisco, the centre of tequila country.

Mark and Everette got a tour of Daniel’s family home, full of color, fun extravagance and playful (they have 3 little kids).  See the updated Blue Boy?  Just a sampling of fun stuff that abounds.Collage Kids stuffPics below are of the outside of their house, with a great view of Lake Chapala and a beautiful pool to dip in.  Outdoor living is easy here at the Lakeside where the weather is consistently warm (seldom hot nor cold) so this spacious outdoor space is luscious!

The pic on the bottom right is their view up towards us at Hotel Perico about 3 quarters the way up the hill, mostly hidden by vegetation.

Collage Pool

Are you aware of the regulations that not only go into selling the alcohol, but more importantly in the planting, growing & transporting of the plant material?  Every step of the process has to be documented, and ‘passports’ issued that limits the amount of plant material that a trucker can pick up/transport/deliver, all paperwork being verified from being picked up at the farm to checking in at the licensed facility in Tequila, Jalisco (that’s the city where Tequila supposedly originated….)

Sandy and Daniel have 9 fields of blue agave they are growing to produce tequila, on both the north and south side of Lake Chapala. They took Everette and Mark to their nearest one, not far at all from Hotel Perico, up a rough dirt road to the crest of the hill that overlooks the lake to the south.  They have a covered patio there where the sign (above photos) announces Tequila Sandy y Daniel, and they can take in the view of the lake below.

Collage Tequila

Related to pineapple plants, the agave plant takes about 5 years to mature and sends shoots high into the air where their seed pods are harvested for future plants.  They must harvest the main body of the plant 2 years after sending out the shoot.  Each plant harvested weighs about 80 pounds, predominantly liquid.

A crew with a truck shows up to harvest a designated amount of plants which are issued a passport which must be carried on the designated vehicle and all paperwork must be available to be shown at all times: by authorities who may stop them on the highways; at the tequila plant, etc.

Sandy and Daniel chose 2 tequila ‘recipes’ from a variety of options at the distillery, choosing the flavor that was most appealing to them.  That recipe has won awards in the USA multiple times in the last 2 years alone….quite the success since they only started growing their plants about 9 years ago.  One recipe is white tequila, the other is a sipping tequila (gold) which they allow to sit in oak barrels for up to a year which allows it to carry the label Reposado.   They are endeavoring to make Anejo, which will be aged between a year and 3 years.  We wish them much success.

Pics below are of Sandy y Daniel tequila bottles, and the small collection of Everette’s shot glasses (and a boot that used to hold a glass but that one broke).  The two glasses on the right he had made to order, with little geckos inside.

Collage Tequila bottle

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