Tequila and el Pajarete

First off….you might be interested to know that tequila is good for you!!  Especially if you want help in losing weight!  Now if only I would enjoy the stuff maybe I could add it to my daily regiment?

Not likely.

Back at the Chili Cook-off  Everette and I sampled some tequila….not our favorite liquor drink but on the map below you’ll see we are basically in the middle of Tequila Country!  There are lots of options and we thought we might just find something to our liking if we tried hard enough.  So there at the Chili Cook-off we were introduced to Sandy y Daniel & their tequila by the same name.



We discovered that when Everette & I look out from Hotel Perico at the morning sunrise we overlook Daniel’s house where we can stop and buzz at the gate, and purchase some tequila right there.  So that’s exactly what Everette did.  Which led him to being invited over for el pajarete the next morning.  “And bring a friend!”

So Sunday morning Everette and Mark headed out for a quick morning drink…often what people here in Mexico will drink for a hang-over!  Some use coffee, many use hot chocolate mix; then you add alcohol (not for kids!) and have milk squirted directly into your cup.  Viola!!

The cow ran out of milk at Daniel’s neighbors so they ventured up the hill behind Hotel Perico to another friend’s place so Everette could get a full one.Collage 2nd farm

You can see from the guys’ faces they were totally thrilled with the experience; new for Mark and not frequent enough for Everette, I’m surmising from his report of how well his day went!Collage CheersWhat Everette thought would be a quick morning drink out turned into a field trip for these two homeschooling dads as they galavanted around the hills here on the north side of Lake Chapala.

Checkout further posts where they learned more about Sandy y Daniel tequila; the business and the life.



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