The 1 Night Restaurant

We were away for Mother’s Day, amazingly without the bulk of the kids.  I was in the presence of only 2 kids for the majority of the day and we didn’t do anything special since we were stationary at a hotel, laying low.  Nice day but certainly quiet.

But when we got home I (we) was treated to a surprise Mother’s Day dinner…candles, quiet table for 2 tucked away in our bedroom for some privacy.

Collage Mother's Day

Not an extensive menu but they certainly were confident in what we should ‘order’…so we did as we were prompted (pick this one ….and this one) and did enjoy a tasty Chicken Caesar Salad alongside a noodle dish with homemade Alfredo Sauce….Layne, watch out!  Serious competition!!  I think we’ll have to have an Alfredo Cook-Off the next time you visit.

Collage Menu

The bill was a bit over-the-top pricey… even in pesos.  But the company was delightful, the atmosphere relaxing, and we were totally stuffed with delicious food.  I would highly recommend this Johnson Kids 1 Night Restaurant…but then again, snooze ya loose.  Was only open last week for one night.  Sorry!

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