“Home” to Perico

We got our T.I.P. (temporary importation permit) for the van after Everette & Danaka crossed into Texas at Laredo and swung back around into Mexico.  We headed back ‘home’ the following day to the rest of the children, as that’s where ‘home’ really is.  Three long days of driving for Everette and Danaka, I’m sure they were thrilled to finally get it all done with….Everette slept for hours once we got home.

Not much for scenery pics.  But Everette shot some other photos….he came out of one of the OXXO store bathrooms (oops, that’s Canadian.  For USers I mean restrooms) to scoop up his iPhone just to take these pics…

Collage UrinalTarget practice built right in!!  A favorite past time for males???

Several of the banos had no running water.  There were big 50 gallon barrels full of water for washing both the ‘water closet’ and hand washing on your way out.

The land in this area of Mexico is pretty flat, the highways straight for 30+kms much like the Canadian prairies.  The occasional curve sends you off in a new straight direction while one battles sleepiness.  We pop cacao beans, nibble prunes, and talk.  I read aloud part of “The Science of Getting Rich”, discuss the book and how we see this working in our own lives.

The sun was blazing & I appreciated the hot wind thru the open windows.  Slight refreshment hit us in the form of appreciated rain as we skirted around Guadalajara.  The smoggy air seems to clear a bit.

Collage Scenery2


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