Tropic of Cancer: Heading North

We are very content to stay close to Chapala currently and have lost the wanderlust a tad.  Content to be comfortable and build a community.

But necessities demanded that we take a quick road trip to Texas, particularly to take care of the legalities for our van.  So we set out with only 5 of our big family in our 15-passenger van, making it spacious and far more comfortable….each child could have their own bench!!

sunrise trucking

With fewer people traveling we didn’t need to make quite so many potty stops that makes our traveling a bit faster… but add some coffee into our systems (a Starbucks treat in Aguacalientes) and fresh fruit for breakfast, and we made plenty stops.

Collage Starbucks

My cowboy fetches me coffee and even washes my windows (minus the cowboy hat) with a smile.  Oh, how I love that man!!

Collage Gasing UpI’m not sure if it was in Aguacalientes or in Zacatecus where I first heard about this fabulous-sounding man named Everette Russel (boring last name….Johnson) 30 years ago in February, but it was a treat to actually drive this area now by his side.  Who would have ever imagined that Connie’s telling me of him, and my silly comment, “I think I’m going to marry that man!” would have transpired to us parenting 9 children together and traveling the country of Mexico together 30 years later?!!!  But here we are.  Full-circle to this very place.  Collage scenery

Somewhere near Zacatecus (I don’t recall where exactly) we crossed the Tropic of Cancer where Laars sported a smile and a wave.  I recently learned that the Tropic(s) are moving, and that one place in Mexico actually has been marking the changes with signs along the highway.  Pretty cool!!  Always learning something new.Collage Tropic of CancerWe pulled in to Saltillo where we spotted a coveted Pizza Hut where we tried a Hawaiian BBQ & a TexanaIMG_2839

then found ourselves a hotel for 2 nights as our temporary base-camp.  In the morning Everette and Danaka had to make the border run themselves….find out Why in the next post.

4 thoughts on “Tropic of Cancer: Heading North

  1. I’m starting to miss Mexico when I read your posts now!! I didn’t think I would – I mean, I am really happy here. But I guess I truly love it there too. How long will you be in Texas? Where are you guys crossing?

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