Happy Mom Day from our Littlest Heart-Throbs

In my email today I found some photos attached; a wonderful way to brighten my day.  Being a mom of 9 and being separated from all but 2 of them today….its an odd Mother’s Day for me.  So this was extra special.  And knowing their mama is a busy one, who took the time (with help from her awesome partner, dh Seth….Thanks Seth!!) to prep and take these photos.  Wow, thanks Rauchelle.  It means a lot.

First up is Marin, with the Happy Mom Day message on her glowing face.  Beautiful soul, that girl is.  Boisterous, unhindered, embracing all that excites her in life.Happy Mom Day

Next is Elita….with a PRICELESS smile!!  I can’t wait to squeeze (gently) these little girls the next time I get to see them….which isn’t soon enough.  No plans, but hopeful nonetheless.

Elita Heart

Like I said, Rauchelle is a busy mom (those two words are usually in the same sentence!) and sporadically she blogs, too.  If you’re curious about her raising our 2 grans, checkout Simple Life Adventure.

PS  Those must be the face paints you posted about, Chelle.  Good use!!


One thought on “Happy Mom Day from our Littlest Heart-Throbs

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