The Crazies Leave

I’m married to a Crazy….and now we’ve got more Crazies for friends.

Terry and Barb have been coming to Mexico for years.  She grew up on the border of Texas/Mexico so her family frequented this land for which she grew a love and admiration for it and its people.  With a heart for the people they thought they would be starting a church of some sort.  Sometime.

We met them while they were neighbors of ours here at Hotel Perico.  Early risers they joined us for a sunrise.  But then they moved on….

Sunrise with Terry & Barbara

To start, they’ve been renovating and adding on to a house down by the lake.   They got semi-settled in a house under-construction….we all know how that can be.  They seem to adjust well, and easily put up with inconveniences and such.  They are just those kinds of people.

But now they’ve had to say Goodbye for a few months while they finish up ‘business’ elsewhere….hoping they are back sometime this summer.  We spent a few morning breakfasts with them, saying our ‘Goodbyes’ to this great couple, and a BBQ at my sisters…then sent them on their way.

Terry recently retired as a middle school principal….I’m sure he adds flare to wherever he goes!!  Maybe his Crazies was the coping-mechanism he needed on the job??

Could you imagine this ever being your ‘Pastor’??  Yup, entertaining, that’s for sure!!

Collage Boswell


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