Rochatas Bakery

Checking out coffee shops a few months back we stumbled upon Rochatas that Everette had spotted when driving the Carreterra into Chapala.  Usually Everette has seen many people there before so we ventured in, although today we were the only customers.

We were greeted by the owner Marco with whom we had a very pleasant conversation.  We quizzed him about the different art displayed around his place, and what I thought was bead work turned out to be a type of thread work!  Whatever, it was quite gorgeous work!!

Collage Art2

We sat to have our cafes (Marco roasts the coffee himself) but had to try out the baked goods, too.  Sweet and Bitter, that’s the blend.  The cakes looked scrumptious so we ordered a slice of Carrot (zanahoria) and German Chocolate.  Then when we were contemplating ordering a cheesecake (queso) for Toveli’s birthday (back in March) we were treated to a complimentary slice.  Two people, 3 slices of cake….shall we say “Sugar Fix”!?? But amazingly, none of the cakes were ghastly sweet.  A tad on the dry side, but still very tasty.

Collage Marcos

Marcos and his wife run the main bakery in Jocotepec and opened this smaller one in Chapala over a year ago.  They make Special Order cakes, and you can see why they are in demand when you look at the display case!! They have a huge photo album of some of the fabulous cakes they’ve made for weddings, birthdays or any other kind of celebration one could think of.

I wish them well with this endeavor.


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