Los Telares…a Garden Restaurant

Collage entree

Looking scrumptious?  You betcha.  We came to listen to our friends Noe and Jimmy along with Paco.  These 3 provide live music weekly here at Los Telares where we sit in a garden and eat scrumptious foods to a variety of music genres.  Umbrellas are moved aside and dancing begins, where waiters/waitresses skirt between dancing couples…with no spills (this night at least)!

Collage dessert La Torres

Everette and I both grew up in homes where dancing was frowned upon….no, it was considered evil.  Those environments were full of sin and sinners.  I wasn’t even allowed to go to Sock-Hops in Elementary school!  But secretly I have always been mesmerized by dancers, feeding that carnal part of me (tongue in cheek).  Such grace and energy.  I LOVE IT!!

Before Everette and I hit the road again in 2012 I convinced him to take community ballroom dancing lessons.  With four left feet we blundered around the room, him somewhat hesitant and me pushing to lead.  His rhythm far supersedes mine so he could get into the beat with ease if I would just follow his lead.  We did okay…much better with my eyes closed, leaning into the trusting!

This night at Los Telares we were too timid to get up and stumble out a dance.  We waited until other diners had left and the band was playing their last set.  I boldly got myself out of my seat and asked my hubby to take the floor with me.  He accepted.  We snuggled and swayed…and how wrong could we get?  Not much.  The music was slow, the onlookers few. We broke the ice and publicly danced.

Another time?  Why the hell not!



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