Oh, the Things They Will Do

Collage snake


Not my cup of tea.  Snakes and I don’t like to occupy the same space.  Hard to believe I used to play with garter snakes as a child, and touched a snake when my niece Alexandra once asked, “Aunty, why won’t you touch my snake?”

And although I don’t like snakes personally….I can marvel at them when they are behind glass.  They can actually be quite fascinating.  I sat spell-bound watching a snake peel off its skin in about 20 minutes, when I initiated a visit to the Rattlesnake Museum.

But to choose to wrap a snake around my neck….No Thanks!!

Yeah for Gaelyn, though.

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Things They Will Do

    • and you used to play with them all the time! And wash them, and coddle them. Remember when Alexandra had one hidden under her t-shirt, to protect it from the dog? Yikes.

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