My Values: A Challenge

I’m taking a course online presently, and one of the challenges today was to consider what My Values are in life and then share them publicly.  So without further ado, here’s my list….


Creativity: I come alive when I am free to create thru ideas, writing, brainstorming, visual art, etc. and display/share in appropriate ways.

Intelligence & Wisdom: I value education in various forms and am at my best when I am learning new skills and gathering information.  I love to share in a casual setting with others, often one-on-one.

Simplicity & Freedom: I enjoy the simple things in life where stresses are minimal and relationships are major.  I feel best when finances are used to facilitate building memories and benefiting the lives of others more than collecting ‘stuff’ in my own life.  “Live simply so that others may simply live!”  This is a major component to the freedom of our large family traveling; a break-away from the prescribed North American lifestyle.

Balance: I am at my best when I can bring/maintain balance in my life so that I feel at peace with my lifestyle.  My family benefits most when I am well-balanced 🙂

Integrity: I feel best when I know that I am trustworthy and truthful, and am confident that others can rely on my words and actions, knowing that I value my relationship with them and don’t want to jeopardize it.

Spirituality & Consciousness:  I am healthiest when I live in the Now, aware of my environment and how I fit in the world and relate to those around me.  I notice the small things in life and give them significance.  I have a grateful heart.

Forgiveness : I am good with the world and those in it when I choose not to be offended by others.  I seek to bestow love & peace in all my relationships.

Spontaneity: I feel playful & brave (although vulnerable at times) when I jump at opportunities that present themselves.  I feel alive to passions within me, and I can set an example for others to ‘live dangerously’ with excitement, embracing adventures.  Seize the Opportunity!

Me, checking out the view from our kitchen

Where have I come from?  Where am I going??  Hmmm!


I'm opinionated, friendly & chatty... I hope you are, too

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