Jelly Bean Day…Today

It’s TODAY!!

What is Jelly Bean Day?  I don’t know and none of us care…but its an excuse for the kids to bring back jelly beans from the Ajijic market this morning.

Collage jellybeans

Somebody always comes up with ways to celebrate a special day but I lack good planning skills which, since we have lots of family members to ‘manage’, would have been a great skill for me to foster.  However, I go-with-the-flow and by-the-seat-of-my-pants which seems to have helped our children grow up with little expectations of how it should be done.  That makes it easy to celebrate spur of the moment…like today’s Jelly Bean Day.  We’ll probably just see who can toss ‘n catch the most in their mouth…and hope they don’t choke on them.

We’ll eat a small dish of them today and make the celebration last a few days so we can nibble a few each day.  Until its Zucchini Bread Day or Pretzel Day.  Then we have a bit of a wait until Nat’l Coconut Cream Pie Day.  Mmmm!



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