Guadalajara Wholesaler

We love to go to the local markets here.

Mondays there’s the street market in Chapala which is heavy on produce and some meats along with some kitchen wares and clothes.  There’s also an indoor market of predominantly prepared foods (lasagne, cakes, salads, etc) in San Antonio.

Tuesdays its the Organic Market in west Ajijic with super foods, organic produce, gluten-free and other baked goods.

Wednesdays its the street market in Ajijic where there are vendors of produce, fish, jewelry, pottery, leather, under garments, etc.

Where does a lot of these products come from?  Other than the locally-made things and pre-pared foods, the produce comes from the wholesalers in Guadalajara.  Conveniently not too far from the Canada Consulate we had to visit recently, so we ventured bravely into the congested streets to see what we could find.  Police patrolling on bicycles might give an indication of how congested it can be!

Collage Guad market

This is totally unlike going to a grocery store.  This is like shopping warehouse-to-warehouse.  One houses watermelon…rows and rows of stacked watermelon.  Another one has pineapple.  Another has sacks of potatoes.  Sacks and sacks and more sacks.

Everette parked awkwardly on a street corner and perused a few ‘stores’ to get a crate of mangos for $160MX.  There were at least 40+ mangos in there, for about $13CDN.  Strawberries were $60MX ($5CDN).  A sack of 8 pina (pineapples).  Right beside us was a man named Joaquin who sold only cucumbers and limes, so we stocked up on limes.  Across the street from us we discovered a Spice Shop that also sold (in scoopable-bulk bins) legumes (nuts and beans/lentils) along with dog food and bird feed (interesting combination).  We bought tamarinds, pecans, sesame seeds & peanuts.

We drove up and down a few streets, spotted what we wanted and pulled over, collecting carrots for $50MX ($4CDN).   We spotted stores that sold Tupperware-like containers, another selling styrofoam plates, party supplies, kitchen knick-knacks.  It’s like 5 city blocks squared of warehouses selling wholesale.  A buyer’s delight!!  A large family’s treasure!!

All of this for under $60CDN.


Collage Produce

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