When You Have a Huge Amount of Peanuts and are Stuck in Traffic

Squashed between tractor trailers because of an accident, what do you do when trying to squeeze into the one open lane?  Give a handful of peanuts to the driver of one of those big trucks, and while he’s dealing with them, duck in front of him!

Collage Peanuts

Yes, that’s what Everette did on our return from Guadalajara!  He says, “Here, Karen, give these to that truck driver!!  Take them!!”  He hands me a scoop of peanuts and yells across me “Hey, Amigo!!!” and I sheepishly hold out my handful of peanuts as Everette pulls the van closer to the delivery truck so I can accomplish the pass-off.  The guy smiles, and Everette makes the maneuver!  I chuckle.

We are stopped again, and Everette scoops again and runs behind us to deliver more nuts to the driver/passenger (bottom left pic was from my side mirror).  Another scoop and he hands out peanuts to the men that were part of the actual accident.

Everette is Santa Cacahuate (Peanut Saint), giving gifts to those around him.  Nobody has ever rejected his offer of peanuts in Mexico.


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