Crashed the Wedding Reception

Smart people invite potentially-irritated people to their loud party to stave off complaints!!

As you know we are part of a hotel-community here outside Chapala where more and more of us long-termers fill up the hotel!  So when somebody reserved the hotel grounds for a lively Mexican Wedding Reception they were warned that there were a lot of us ‘permanent’ renters here, and it would be appreciated if the loud music would cease no later than 2am.  The best plan of action….we were all invited to join them at the reception for dancing and free drinks!!  Less complaints would incur.

Our morning coffee found the soccer field beginning to transpire.  Just the beginning…Collage Set Up

When Everette recorded this in early afternoon from WITHIN our suite, feeling the beat within our bones 

we decided to pack up the family and have an impromptu party of our own down at my sisters place in town.  (Good thing she moved here from Ecuador…now we have family to pester!)

But when it was time to return home we knew we’d be in for some more noise.  Viva Mexico!!

Certainly not in anything like the suits and ball gowns donned by many of the attendees, we used the shadows to join our friends for drinks.

Collage partiers


We watched the boisterous 2-step dancers swirl and twirl to the live music, met cousins (& in-laws) of the bride from USA and Venezuela, and checked out the displays and decorations trying to (unsuccessfully) be somewhat discreet.

Collage Band

Collage CoupleCollage Cake


Everybody seemed to have a great time.  Beautiful bride, handsome groom…festivities until….only MIDNIGHT!

What?  Only midnight?  We discovered that the grooms family owns a baseball team in Guadalajara and they were in the semi-finals the following afternoon.  To be somewhat prepared for the games…they called it an early night!  We were all pleasantly relieved!!



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