Floating Water Balloons

Laars is the curious kind.  And he already knows what can happen when you throw a water balloon at a hard-enough object…including another human being.  That’s a great activity for a hot day!

But he was curious what a balloon weighted down with water would do when put in the swimming pool.

Of course, it floats since there is a trapped air bubble within the balloon.  Then he discovered that it didn’t so much matter the size of the balloon…it mattered the size of the air bubble that would determine which balloon rose to the surface fastest!

Collage Laars water balloons

Laars enjoyed his little experiment while I delighted in our son’s inquisitive mind.


2 thoughts on “Floating Water Balloons

    • I heard the ‘rain birds’ like electrical buzzing last April when volunteering up at the Dog Ranch. I had never heard of them before, and have yet to see one. But I heard my first-of-this-year a few nights ago in San Antonio….6 weeks till the rains come, or so I’m told.

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