Fostering: Bones and Dixie

Abandoned dogs is a major problem in Mexico, one that gringos are often greatly involved in rectifying through various means.

Many of you are aware that the kids (particularly Maret) volunteered at a local dog rescue last year.  And a little bit this year, too.  But now Maret’s been much busier staying home and looking after rescued dogs….right here at Hotel Perico.

Tina found Bones outside a gringo-frequented grocery store and brought him home after a vet visit, and he’s been hanging around the hotel for a few weeks now, being fattened up and socializing with the dogs and humans here.  When he needs dog sitting he hangs out at our place.  Or he knows this is a safe place to come get attention and cuddles from the kids, and some fresh water and shade.

Collage Bones

Dixie’s story goes:  her family (snowbirds heading north??) dropped her off in the neighborhood of the Racquet Club a couple of weeks ago…back when it was raining and cold still.  She hung out at a construction site where friendly ‘neighbors’ brought food and water every day.  When it was spotted that she had a bad injury an ‘angel’ lured her in a vehicle and took her to a local vet for stitches.  She hung out there at the vet’s office for a few days until Maret made connections with the Lakeside Advocates for Animal.  Now she’s fitting in nicely at our place.  She’s obviously been house trained.  She is well-mannered, still puppy-ish (about 2yrs old) and quiet.  She’s been introduced to all the other dogs at the Hotel and everything seems to have gone well.  Dixie is good on a leash and gets plenty of walks with Maret around the grounds.  She’s a beautiful dog, in good health and spirits.  At ‘home’ she gets lots of attention and loving, and after the first day of nervousness (who wouldn’t be a tad nervous coming into a big-family’s home?) Dixie has adjusted amazingly.

Collage Dixie


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