Auditioning & Trios

Singing.  Its the one thing Gaelyn wants to do this year, besides get over stage fright which is intimately connected to singing (for anybody other than herself!)

Gaelyn & Dee had attended a local choir’s finale this spring and the two of them made a point of meeting Tim, the choir director.  An audition was booked and somehow 3 people went for auditions at Tim’s house the following week, and 4 new choir members for autumn exited his house.  I had gone as moral support for our daughter and this happened:

Gaelyn was able to take some singing lessons from Dee before her and Gerry headed back up to the Great White North.  Toveli and E joined in the lessons (total of about 4 or 5).  But in that short amount of time Dee helped the girls gain confidence, control breathing, locate and use their diaphragm, achieve better tone and volume.

And at a Send Off for Dee and Gerry the girls sang 3 songs for the Desserts with Live Entertainment.

2 thoughts on “Auditioning & Trios

  1. They are wonderfully gifted. So glad they helped send Gerry and I off in style. Can’t wait for them to greet us off the plane in song 🙂
    Miss you guys

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